Wednesday ABC Rides: May 1, 6:30pm

NEWS FLASH (4:20pm Wednesday): All it takes is a look outside to see how grim it is right now. It’s cold, the roads are wet, and there’s a line of rain/thundershowers headed straight for us. Needless to say, the ride is CANCELLED for tonight. Stay inside and take the night off. If you can, do some kind of spring dance ritual that will bring warm, dry weather to us once and for all.

The weather is looking pretty bleak for Wednesday’s ride. As I wrote this paragraph, a Special Weather Statement for heavy rainfall starting Tuesday night and into Wednesday night was published…synchronicity! I’m trying to stay optimistic and am still posting this in the off-chance the forecast is wrong. The official go/no-go will come by 5pm Wednesday.

Our first 6:30pm Wednesday ride of the year will take us on the quiet roads southeast of Guelph. It will be relatively short, due to the later start-time (did I mention that we start at SIX THIRTY instead of 6?). We will be starting at the East End Library as is customary. We will split up into 3 groups, and will keep pace with the published range for Wednesday rides:

A-Team: 28-30 km/h
B-Team: 26-28 km/h
C-Team: 24-26 km/h

The A and B groups will ride a slightly longer route than the C group. This is a no-drop ride, but if you are struggling to keep up with the desired group there should be plenty of opportunities to drop back to a slower group. Both routes are pretty straightforward, with limited turns.

This is also an official Try-a-Ride offering. If you are not a club member and want to try group riding, then you are absolutely welcome to join us for this ride. Most of the group are nice and don’t bite very hard. Take a moment to read up on the Group Ride Guidelines as well as the Safety & Skills page before showing up so you have an idea on how things work. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out with any questions before, during and after the ride.

A+B Route

C Route



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