Tour de France Velogames competition!

EDIT #2: Velogames appears to still be down. Since the rider picks were published, and are still up, my plan is to make a big pot of coffee and figure out the podium manually at the end of the Tour. Well, with a spreadsheet anyway. Game on!

EDIT: It looks like Velogames is running into some legal issues. Not sure if this is going to go ahead or not, will update as we find out.

If you’re not familiar, every year we do an online competition for the TdF via Velogames, with podium prizing from Speed River Bicycle. Head over to, create your “team” for the Tour, and join the official SRCC league, using code¬†831390811 (make sure to ‘Confirm’, it’s a weird website). Only registered club members will be considered for prizes. A big thanks to Tim and the team at SRB for the support! Best of luck to all! Use this LINK to keep track of points.


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  1. Anyone who may have made a velogames team but not joined the SRCC league in time (like myself) you might be able to track down the page address for your team in your browser history and join retroactively. Goodluck!

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