Thursday A/B Ride, May 31 – 6:30pm

For starters, before I forget, this is the SRCC social at the Wooly (this goes rain or shine ~9pm) . Secondly, the weather may just be good for us by evening so get ready for a burner of a ride. The official call will be made by 5:00pm.

We are going to try something usually done by Hammerfesters (sick people who seem to thrive on suffering), but it is a great way to improve everyone’s fitness, interval loops out by Guelph Lake. We bike out to Watson and Mill Road, there we stop and get organized. We will break up into smaller groups (4 to 10 people per group) then hammer around the 8km loop. Once we get back to Mill Road we stop, regroup, and rest. Then we break up into similar groups and repeat 3 to 5 times. We will always regroup so people get enough rest. The idea is to get a high intensity workout, the rest allows you to get a higher intensity than you would on a steady ride. A couple considerations: still ride as an efficient safe group (not 3 abreast). When we are waiting, we need to be on the shoulder of the Watson Road, not on the road. Lastly, it is close to Guelph so people can show up late if the weather gets better, or leave early if the weather gets worse. Last last, head to the Wooly.


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