Thursday A/B August 24th 6:00 pm

There is rain on the radar but it should break up and stay south of us, so tonight we ride! Tonight we’ll head up north, swing by Rockwood Conservation and head up both 4th line hills, because going up hill is fun. With Halton having its love affair with chip seal I can’t guarantee there won’t be any gravel. Small chance of rain tonight so go/no-go will be made by 530. We should be back by dark with the early start, but bring lights in case.


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  1. Chris, the only part of the route that is chip seal is when we turn south on to 4th line south to 30 sideroad. Was pretty bad a week ago. Might be worth staying on Guelph Line for the little stretch and then 30 over to 4th line and continue south? Other than that looks like a nice fast route!

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