Thursday A/B – April 26th, 6:00pm + Club Social at The Wooly

Will the weather actually hold out and grant us an official club ride this week? It’s looking like it will!
Something of a remix of a classic route this week. Down Watson, across 36 and 15, up 4th line, and then a dash through Eden Mills and up the Wellington 29 rise before we come back in on Arkell Road.
The A group can attack and shell each other to their heart’s content (maybe after a nice warm-up down Watson). The B group will enjoy an attack-free ride and work together to keep a 30-32kmh average pace (at least until the climb on Wellington Road 29, no doubt).
Know the route, because as the saying goes, “Wrong turns ruin breakaways”.
And of course, make sure you’re signed up as a member – memberships will be checked online.

After the ride, join your fellow club members at The Wooly for the monthly Club Social gathering. Some riders will head directly there clad in their finest lycra and helmets, but most will meet around 9pm. Feel free to join whether or not you ride tonight. The more the merrier!


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