Sunday August 4th C ride | 8am start

The forecast looks great for this long weekend ride! We’ll do a clockwise route up past Oustic, then south (taking in a bit of gravel) to stop at Goodfellow’s in Rockwood. Continuing south, we’ll finish up with the Watsonberg.

This group will be riding at a social pace of 26-28km/h. If this is your first ride this year, or first in a while, be sure to review all of the excellent info in our “New Members” resources page.


Sunday July 14th 8 AM C Ride

Gorgeous conditions predicted for a classic CW loop that takes us down Watsonburg, past Crief and into Hespeler for a halfway stop at Creme Cafe (bring some cash for that). Then we continue up Chilligo to Maryhill, Ariss and back home all in time for lunch. EC says we’ll have a cool start of 15 degrees with no humidity and almost no wind and finishing under complete sun and 21 degrees. We’ll be riding at a leisurely 26 to 28 kph average. Apply your sunscreen under your arm warmers (weird!).


Sunday May 5 | C Ride | 8:00am | 80kms

***PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE*** By popular demand, this Sunday morning is starting at the new start time of 8:00am!! We’ll head south and make our way through Kilbride and then head into Carlisle for a coffee stop. We’ll be heading back north up Millborough and Watson. We’ll be sticking to the posted 26 – 28kph average for this ride. Fingers crossed for a beautiful day.