Sunday A/B 95 km Mother’s Day Loop – 8 AM

In all honesty, it looks like Saturday is the better cycling day this weekend. Although TWN keeps changing every time I check it, it is going to be cold, damp and windy all day Sunday…it is Mother’s Day anyhow so let’s keep the ride a little shorter.

This route is for both the A Group, who will be averaging 33 km/h or more and will have the safety net of the B Group behind them averaging 29 to 31 km/h.

There is no official coffee stop for this loop as it will be quite chilly and stopping only makes it worse as you warm up and then feel more chilled once you start riding again; however, if people really want, there is the option to take a detour to either the Brown Dog in Waterdown at 57 km or the Flying Monkey in Campbellville at 77 km.


Sunday May 14th Medium ride | 9:00 AM

Medium Ride and Happy Mothers Day. We are Using the same route from the ride I led a few weeks ago, however, the gravel road section has been removed from the route do to the roughness of the road as a result of the ongoing construction. We will also pass the highest point in halton region; bring some Oxygen bottles! We will stop for drinks and food in Erin with a few other re-fueling points en-route if needed. The distance to our de facto end point in Arkell is 85km. We will be focusing on riding as a safe and cohesive group. Since there are some big rollers, we will allow folks to climb at their own pace on the big hills and then we will regroup at the tops of the hills. High Temp of 15 on the forecast, dress well since it will be much cooler than that when we start.