Thursday B Ride | May 11th 6:30 PM

52K for a targeted 32 kph average. A few hills. A chilly 10 degrees with a bit of wind predicted. Booties and warm gloves recommended. Hopefully we’ll be joined by some of the new members who have been getting all the good weather on Wednesdays. We’ll be venturing east circumnavigating metropolitan Eden Mills but cutting through downtown Corwhin – tongue firmly in cheek. Looking forward to a great ride. Watch here for a final decision in case of rain cancellation by 5:30 PM.

Wednesday Ride | Aug 31st 6PM

Second last Wednesday Ride of 2016! Earlier start.
I heard there was a Wednesday ride,
That Leonard mentioned and it gave me pride,
But you don’t believe in rhyming here, now do ya?
It goes like this: The fourth, the fifth,
A minor descent with a major lift,
Using both front rings compelling, “Hallelujah!”
Halleluja… (repeat)
Bring your lights! (apologies where necessary).

Sunday Medium Ride | Aug 14th 9:00 AM

The corn is high and the peaches are ripe. It’s hot and humid and the cicadas are singing… August in Ontario.
Some things are quintessential, like this 76 km Fergus-Elora Sunday morning coffee loop. And we’ll be crossing the covered bridge at West Montrose (someone please open a cafe here!). EC is currently predicting 19 degrees at 9:00 AM with the LOP (likelihood of precipitation) being ‘Low’ and a light wind from the NW at 10 kph. After a cooler night’s rest this will be a great ride that gets you home in time for lunch.
See you soon!

Wednesday Ride | July 27th 6:30 PM

Ride is on! Looks like another nice evening after a warm day with temperatures dropping later on. The route takes us south and west through Hespler. EC says gentle west wind with a ‘low’ potential for rain at 8:00. A great weather web site to see what’s coming is one for radar over Michigan. Drivers may consider parking near the University Arboretum and ride to the start at Watson Library. This will shorten your return to your car. Hope you can join us!