Saturday June 9th 9am – Gravel Ride

Well, looks like the weather may actually cooperate this time!

A nice 80km loop from the library back downtown exploring the gravel roads up to Fergus, the rail trail over to Elora (with a coffee stop, if so desired!), and then the gravel roads and the G2G rail trail back into Guelph.

Should be a great day to explore the lesser-paved routes. Lower that tire pressure and get ready to grind the gravel.


Saturday May 12th GRAVEL RIDE! – 9:00am

RIDE IS ON! Might be slightly damp as we head out, but the radar looks clear past 9am! Looks sunny after that!
Will we be able to finally have our first official club gravel ride? Time will tell! (Final call to be made by 8am Saturday morning).
Could be a little damp and chilly in the morning, but it should warm up quickly. Dress appropriately and plan on getting a little dirty (it is a gravel grind after all…) and you’ll be fine.
Get out your wider tires, lower those pressures, and let’s get set to explore some non-paved routes. Gravel/’Cross bike recommended, but any drop bar bike that can take some rougher roads will do.
Fun little loop up to West Montrose via the rail trail, and then looping back through some very scenic and fun gravel roads. With a brief foray through the GORBA trails on the way out from the library, and an adventure up the Edinburgh fire “road” up to the Marden Tract to get to the rail trail. Should be a good time!


Saturday Gravel Ride – 11:00am

RIDE CANCELLED. -10 windchill and freezing rain do not a good ride make. First gravel ride of the year! Heading south to explore and grind some gravel on some familiar and not-so-familiar roads.
A gravel/cyclocross bike would be perfect for these rides, but any drop-bar bike will do! Find some wider tires, lower your pressure, and you’re set.
All that said, let’s be honest…based on the weather forecast (freezing rain, ice pellets, wintery “wonderfulness”, etc…) this might be another ride inside day. Final call as to whether the ride is on or not by 10am at the latest.
Fingers crossed for a weather miracle!