Wednesday Relaxed Ride | May 16, 6:30PM

A slightly longer distance this week at 48K to Downtown or 39K to the official finish in Arkel. We’ll continue working towards great communication up and down the double pace line and a steady level of effort – moderate on the flats, slow up the hills and fast down them. We will build to an average 28 kph max and work together to bring everyone along. And please remember the African proverb: If you want to far, we go together. If you want to go fast, come out and try the Tuesday and Thursday rides! 😀 Please bring the usual requirements: fun loving attitudes and lights. Also, check out the Safety and Skills page and General Ride Info and select ‘Wednesday’ from the side bar. Expect that we may split into two groups if the warm weather brings out many riders. We try to do a slightly faster and/or more experienced group followed by a slightly slower and/or less experienced group as we did last week. Looking forward to a good safe ride and seeing everyone. Summertime in May.


Wednesday Social Ride – 6pm (CANCELLED)

CANCELLED…with the snow and ice on the roads, and on the sides, it is probably best to err on the side of caution. I will be Zwifting at 5:30, doing the USMES club ride 2.0 if anyone wants to meet me there. Hopefully, we will have better weather soon.

Since this is my first ride lead, I am going to take the optimistic approach about Wednesday’s ride. The weather is sunny at 8 degrees. I am ignoring that the roads are full of snow and ice…will post this now and cancel if need be tomorrow…

Looking forward to an easy cruise on this spring evening. Please make sure you have joined the club, memberships will be checked online. We should be back before it is dark but just in case, please come prepared with lights. The plan is to stay together at a chilled pace.

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Wednesday Relaxed Ride | August 23rd 6:00 PM

This ride is 45 kms of familiar stomping grounds – an array of gentle rollers with a final kick in the pants before the home stretch. We’ll start with a quick tour through downtown Eden Mills, then snake through, and keep off of, all the fresh gravel. The plan is to be home before dark. Bring lights just in case. BTW – this is my last ‘ride lead’ of the season and my last club ride until October. It’s been great riding with you and a great (albeit quick) season! Hope to see you soon.

PS Question: How many bike mechanics does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: (ask me on the ride)


Wednesday Relaxed Ride – August 16th 6:30 PM

And now for something completely different…
A gentle rolling 46 km route through some favourite areas to match the shortening mid August days. Forestell, Blackbridge, Chilligo all with a Paisley tie(in)- c’est bon! And a small section of dirt road… ever so wafer thin (to keep us honest). Bring lights just in case. See you soon.