Sunday October 29 Out of Town Ride| 10am Start

Ride is on! The weather forecast in Blue Mountain shows 9 degrees with no rain. See you there for a 10am start. Riders will meet at 194424 Grey County Road 13, Flesherton (approx. 1.5hrs from Guelph) for 10am. The ride will head into Blue Mountain for a café stop. This ride is dependent on the number of members interested, so please add to the comments section with either yes/no.


  1. Oh…very interested. Will speak with the other half.

  2. If the weather is good I am in.

  3. I am all over any ride that has the scenic caves climb! Gonna try to hold GC’s wheel as long as possible, hopefully Adam shows up so he can lead us out at the bottom.

  4. I’d be in. Right near the start/finish is Eugenia Falls, which is pretty cool, and accessible by bike. Thanks Rudy!

  5. Absolutely. Thanks for organizing.

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