Learn to Group Ride

Learn to Group Ride

The Bare Essentials

What is it? Group Riding Instruction for those new to Group Riding and those new to the club.

What’s it about? If you’re not an experienced group rider this is a mandatory to attend.

Meet: Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Road

Time: Dependent on lifting of COVID restrictions. be ready to pedal from Tuesday, June 22 – Tuesday July 13, 6:30PM at the posted times in the schedule below.

Parking: At the Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Road

How it will work: Club members requiring instruction will gather at the Calvary Baptist Church and identify themselves to the Group Ride Instructors. After a brief chat and instruction, riders will follow a Ride Leader on a predetermined route and receive more en route instruction.

Who: You MUST be an SRCC member to attend.

2021 Schedule

  • 6:30 PM Tuesday June 22
  • 6:30 PM Tuesday June 29
  • 6:30 PM Tuesday July 6
  • 6:30 PM Tuesday July 13

Possibly more dates by popular demand

You must sign-up for the ride in advance. Links to the signup sheets will be posted no later than the day before the ride.

More Details

Are you new to Group Riding?

If you are, then you must attend the SRCC Learn to Group Ride Clinic before riding any of the club sanctioned rides. It’s also highly recommended if you just need to brush up on a few skills.

Are you new to the club?

All clubs have slightly different ways of doing things. Attending this clinic is a great way to learn the riding culture of SRCC.

Not sure if you need this?

If you are at all in doubt, then do it. If you’re an experienced rider with a good understanding of the basics, then you will be group riding the same evening with everyone else once our instructors get a chance to see your skills.

Where do we meet?

At the Calvary Baptist Church parking lot and, provided you have signed up, be ready to pedal at the above dates and times.

Where does this happen?

Instruction will take place on a pre-determined route that will be available on the SRCC web-site.

Who can attend?

These sessions are open to all current SRCC members.

What is the format?

The Learn to Group Ride clinics are offered in a relaxed, no-stress atmosphere. We will focus on group riding basics, safety, communication, formations, rotations, technique and bike handling skills. There will be discussion, demonstration and practice followed by open road riding working towards riding as a cohesive group.

Things to know ahead of time:

Please read The Safety & Skills  page, the Group Ride Guidelines page and the Social Paceline page.

How fit do I need to be?

This is NOT an intense workout or a difficult ride – but we ask that you have enough experience capable of a 24km/h pace for 1.5 to 2 hours, solo.

What do I need?

You need a ‘drop bar’ road bicycle that is in good working order. Drop bar Gravel and Cyclocross bikes are also fine. Tri bikes with ‘Aero’ bars can be used on group rides but a rider must not utilize the ‘Aero’ bars during the ride. And a good quality helmet must be worn at all times; appropriate clothing for temperature and weather conditions, and enough water to complete the ride.

Why Group ride?

Riding in a group is social, healthy, fun, more efficient and often safer than solo riding – enjoy the camaraderie and feeling of effortless speed that comes with a finely tuned group ride.  Drafting reduces effort by 25 to 40% (or more depending on study) over a rider “in the wind”. The rider(s) at the front work hard for a short time, “pulling” the riders behind, then “rotate” down through the paceline for reduced effort. Also, a clean, disciplined paceline contributes to safer riding. And a good paceline contributes to driver respect for cyclists and makes passing easier and more predictable. It also gives everyone in the paceline a good workout – hard effort, then recovery, repeated, is the fastest way to increased fitness.

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