Membership Fee: $72

Paid annually, this includes your club dues ($32) as well as mandatory OCA insurance ($40).


How to Join

  1. Complete the online registration process here
  2. Download and read the risk management plan
  3. Download, print and sign the waiver:
    1. 19+ waiver
    2. Under 19 waiver
  4. Bring your membership purchase receipt and completed waiver to Speed River Bicycle [map]
  5. Receive your SRCC membership card, and bring it to all rides (Note: Membership cards available starting early February)


Fine Print

  • You are eligible for an OCA insurance fee deduction ($40) with a valid UCI/CCA race license, OCA citizens permit, or current membership in another OCA-affiliated club, and may indicate so during the registration process and avoid being charged the OCA insurance fee.
  • If you obtain a race license or citizens permit after paying the full club membership fee, we will assist you in obtaining a refund of the OCA insurance fee portion of the dues from the OCA.
  • By joining the SRCC you must understand that while we take steps to make the rides and other events as safe as we can, there are always risks. Please be sure to read the risk management plan and understand the application form and waivers.
  • The SRCC does not allow non-members to join our rides, with the exception of those participating in the ‘Try-a-Ride’ program (see below). The insurance coverage provided through our affiliation with the OCA prohibits this practice. We must insist that everyone join the SRCC if they plan on doing any riding with us at all.
  • Non-members may try one club ride per year, maximum, by taking advantage of the OCA’s ‘Try-a-Ride’ program. We would encourage this be a Wednesday ride. Speak with the designated ride leader to sign up as a ‘Try-a-Ride’ participant.

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