Group Ride Guidelines

Group Ride Guidelines

The Speed River Cycling Club offers several weekly rides throughout the season, which runs from April to October. All rides begin from the East Side branch of the Guelph Public Library [map], except the Tuesday Interval Night ride, which begins at the Arkell United Church.

**Due to COVID-19 club rides will operate with modified requirements. All OCA Return to Sport guidelines must be followed, including physical distancing and mask/PPE requirements. Ride sign-up sheets will be used to limit number of participants on each ride. Members MUST sign-up if they wish to attend a ride.

The following rules and guidelines will apply to all SRCC group rides, and should be followed and reinforced by Ride Leaders and members alike.

  • Only club members may participate in rides (either at the start or on course)
  • No more than 20 riders in a group
  • Ride two abreast, ‘tight-and-to-the-right’ (unless otherwise directed by the Ride Leader)
  • Paceline rotates clockwise at 30s – 3min intervals, maintaining ‘2-up’ formation at all times; if new to the group, simply slot in toward the back at beginning of ride and follow our lead; ask anyone for info/guidance at any time
  • It is not mandatory to participate in the paceline rotation
  • Never cross the yellow line or run red lights, avoid half-wheeling and sudden movements, and report dangerous riding
  • Stay to the right on a climb and only pass on the left
  • Maintain good communication up and down the line; call out road hazards and traffic, advise the group when a rider is off the back or struggling
  • Know the route, particularly when you’re on the front, and signal turns well in advance
  • In the case of a flat or mechanical, the group will wait unless other arrangements are made
  • Let others know if you are planning on leaving the group

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