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    It is always a great idea to test ride a bike when buying it so that you can have a complete experience of what the bike will offer to you. Find out what the bike is, beyond the allure of the brochure. Here are some of the things you should check on while testing your bike.

    Before you know what to test check for, ensure that the bike fits. The bike you intend should first qualify by fitting. If it doesn’t fit, then you should not think of making use of it.

    Must Have Specs
    What are the “must have” specs that your bike should have? It is important to note them down and check one by one until you are happy that they are all included in your list. Before you take the bike off the rack for testing, ensure that it has got all the checks you need. You may otherwise fall in love with one and fail to get all the specs that you need.

    Fair Testing
    On normal occasions, you always ride your bike with some basic kits such as your riding shoes or your padded shorts. You may not have this gear with you when going for the test. Therefore, ensure that you give the bike a fair test by reminding yourself that you don’t have the normal kits that you use. You may feel the need to criticize the pedals, but keep in mind that you are used to clipped riding shoes.

    Testing the Limits
    Once you have ascertained that your bike fits and the looks are satisfactory, get to the next stage of doing a road test. In this case, you will want to see what the bike is made of. Push the bike to its maximum and see what it gives. Have in mind the idea of how your bike should perform. If it is the ladies cruiser and you are used to harder lines, then that may be a problem. On the other hand, ask yourself what the bike should feel like. How should a road bike feel like? How is a mountain bike supposed to feel like?

    Check how the bike shifts its gears. Does it drag and crank as you try to adjust or is it a simple step up that moves you from one level to another? Check out the stability of the bike as well. Though this may be hampered by the kind of trail that you do your test run, ensure that you are pleased with the stability of the bike. Make sure that the bike you want does not show some skidding effects as you negotiate the bends.

    Check for Adjustable Perks
    If you are in search of a commuter bike, then you should look for a bike that can easily have some carriers attached and detached. For a commuter bike, you should have a comfortable time in parking the bike.

    With testing, you get to realize that the more you feel how the bike reacts to different situations, then you get to have a better conclusion of whether the bike will serve you or not. The best way to know how a bike is functioning is not through what is written or what you have heard from people, but on some muscle memory that is triggered by the performance of the bike. You may notice that the bike took the sharp bend quite comfortably, or you may feel that the bike had a better grip on that sandy patch of the road.

    Such are the defining moments that help you know that the bike is worth a swipe of the card, and a pop of some champagne to better riding companionship.

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