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    Kevin Bodbyl

    Hoping for some additional suggestions on places in the country with outdoor taps for filling up your bottles when you are on a long ride and pressed for time or businesses are closed (public holidays, Sundays etc).

    When heading south my go-to is the tap behind the entrance booth at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (if there’s someone in the booth they’ll happily let you in for water).

    Side note, for businesses and public services that offer cyclists water when they are open, Blue W is a pretty good reference: http://www.bluew.org/

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    Doug Burpee

    Great topic. I have been able to fill up with water at the Rockwood Conservation Authority, they let me in without a problem once I explained what I wanted.

    The library in Ancaster (main Street), has an exterior water fountain, beside the war memorial.

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