COVID-19 Cycling Advisory

These are difficult times and we need to be good, responsible members of our communities. Everyone is finding ways to cope. Stress relief is important and healthy. We love cycling, that’s why we’re club members. Can we ride our bikes during this? As long as you are not showing COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to someone who is infected with coronavirus or has recently traveled, it is probably helpful for your mental well-being (and your immune system) to get out for a ride. Keep riding your bike, indoors and out. But be smart and safe about it and much safer than usual. You really don’t want to end up in the hospital right now, for everyone’s sake. Here’s some guidelines from one of your board member and professor of epidemiology, Dr. Meg Thorburn (how many cycling club’s have one of those?(!)). She recommends the following:                     

Do not ride outside if you have a fever, dry cough, fatigue or have returned from recent travel unless you have successfully completed the mandatory 14 day self-isolation with no signs of the previously mentioned symptoms.

Do not group ride.

Only ride alone or with household members that you are in regular contact with.

Stay away from busy public spaces.

Stay at least two metres away from anyone you meet on your ride.


The disease is spread through respiratory droplets either directly or indirectly, in the air or from surfaces in which the droplets have landed. So far, we know that this disease is more contagious and more deadly than a regular flu. But we don’t know how long this virus can survive on open surfaces. Wash your hands after touching public surfaces. Soap and alcohol (hand sanitizer) destroys the virus’s protective shell. 


The best plan for riding right now is to go out and ride solo and enjoy the outdoors, in non-crowded areas. Choose a time of day to ride when you know your route will be less crowded with people and traffic.  Ride even more cautiously than usual – this is really not the time for an emergency room visit!

And very importantly, if you are sick or at risk of spreading the virus, do not go outside – self isolate.

For a really good explanation of COVID- 19 watch this short video – The Corona Virus Explained & What You Should Do

Looking forward to seeing and riding with you in more normal times.



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