Last Wednesday Ride of the Season: 6:00

Update: looking out side is very confusing. There are enough nasty looking clouds that I think that it is safer to cancel the official ride. I will look again at 5:30 and, if it clears up then I may ride unofficially.

For the last fun ride of the season, I have chosen a short route over some familiar roads with lots of greenery. Sunset is coming early, so please bring a light.

Again this week, the weather forecast is pretty stupid: i.e. 40% probability that it will rain less than 1mm. Last week’s ride was great. I will make the go/no-go decision for this ride before 4:30.


Social Ride for Aug. 30 at 6:00

Update: sunny weather, great temperatures, weather reports are stupid (“40% chance of <1mm at 7:00"): let's go. I think that a short trip down Watson and back up Victoria, with some interesting hills, might be fun as sunset creeps earlier. Please bring lights, just in case. (Confusingly, the weather forecast is calling for a probability of misty rain in the late afternoon. I will see how it develops and make a go/no-go decision before 4:30.)


Wednesday Relaxed Ride | August 23rd 6:00 PM

This ride is 45 kms of familiar stomping grounds – an array of gentle rollers with a final kick in the pants before the home stretch. We’ll start with a quick tour through downtown Eden Mills, then snake through, and keep off of, all the fresh gravel. The plan is to be home before dark. Bring lights just in case. BTW – this is my last ‘ride lead’ of the season and my last club ride until October. It’s been great riding with you and a great (albeit quick) season! Hope to see you soon.

PS Question: How many bike mechanics does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: (ask me on the ride)


Wednesday Relaxed Ride – August 16th 6:30 PM

And now for something completely different…
A gentle rolling 46 km route through some favourite areas to match the shortening mid August days. Forestell, Blackbridge, Chilligo all with a Paisley tie(in)- c’est bon! And a small section of dirt road… ever so wafer thin (to keep us honest). Bring lights just in case. See you soon.


Wednesday August 9th Social Ride 6:30 PM

Weather looks fine at 5:30 PM. Ride is on. We’re going to try the route that Lorenz suggested for last Wednesdays (cancelled) ride. Same rules as usual.
Ride ends at Clair and Gordon, Bring lights and we’ll ride single file on 34. Final call on ride cancellation will be made by 5:30 PM.


Wednesday Relaxed Ride – August 2nd 6:30 PM

RIDE CANCELLED. EC has posted “SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH IN EFFECT”. Sad. But if you wish to take your chances with the rain, some may still head out as an unofficial ride. The Route: South and West of Guelph. The Distance: 55 km. The Weather: Pop-up cells all over the place! Final call made at 5:30 PM. The Terminus: Ride officially ends at Clair and Gordon for post ride wrap up by the Starbucks. The Goals: 28 kph max average, safe and mindful group riding, relaxed pace permitting conversation, consistent level of effort and smiles all around! The Notes: Expect single file riding on Wellington Rd 34. Bring lights just in case. See you all soon!