Final Thursday Night ABC Ride, September 5, 6PM

It’s the last official weeknight ride of the year. We are going to be doing 58km for the A group and 50km for the B/C group. This is the same route that John Lyall took us on two weeks ago. We will be turning off on Harris (50 side Road) in Rockwood to avoid the road construction and a section of Hwy. 7 as well. We will turn left onto Salmon and then right onto Joliffe before we return to 7. There should be enough light to make it home, but lights are a good idea (especially if you have a bit of a ride home after we conclude at the Arkell Rd. Church). Let’s be good road users and make sure to stop at all red lights and stop signs, as well as going single file on Hwy. 24 near Guelph Lake. Stay classy SRCC!


Thursday A/B/C|July 25th @ 6:30pm

The plan for tonight is a zig-zagging route down towards Campbelleville and back up the 6th Line. The A group will have a couple of extra little twists down around Campbelleville and then again in Eden Mills. If you plan to start with A, please know the route if you think you may drop off or you could miss the B/C trains down around Campbelleville Rd/3rd Sideroad area and also in the Canyon and Limestone Rd areas. Weather call for go or no-go will be made by 5:30pm, so if it is questionable, be sure to check the site for updates.


Thursday A/B/C June 6-6:30 pm

Been wanting to do this loop for years, and now that we are almost at the longest day I figure why not? Just wish I was doing the A ride so I could get dropped on those hills!

WARNING! This route will have some gravel sections, not the type to ruin road bikes but it exists nonetheless. The roads were fine last time I rode them a few years ago… Always take it slow but steady on gravel.

Other route notes, human workers were repaving out at 6th line and 20th last week so be mindful of the bump at that intersection. After that it’s gravel to 26. Stay single file on Wellington road 26 as it can be busy.

4th line is also gravel and includes a climb and descent, take it easy on these sections. I will remind people as we approach.

The A ride will continue onto the long climbs on 17th to sort out the climbers from the puncheurs. They will also hit a gravel road just this side of Erin, no attacks on that gravel climb! Actually why not, I wont be there.


Thursday A/B/C May 16th 630 pm

Update: as 5:15pm the radar is clear, even though some clouds are rolling in. Ride is on!! Time to finally put away the leg warmers and air out the legs in the spring air. We still don’t have a ton of daylight hours yet so we will not push the distance too much. The route is fairly straightforward and offers a little bit of everything for everyone. The B and C groups will look to work together and keep a brisk but steady pace. Since the legs are starting to wake up for the summer the C group will look to average a minimum of 30km/h. The A group will do their thing and have an extra few km put on their route.