Thursday May 21st A/B ride

This one is slightly different in that it has an out-and-back section. There aren’t any good paved options at that part so I figure this is the best way to do some roads that we don’t often see. I’ve been told it’s not too weird to do it this way.

Anyway, be careful on the turnaround on 5th line near Lake Belwood (there is a stop sign there) and it’ll probably be best to ride single file on 124 by Guelph Lake. Besides those caveats, this has some nice quiet country roads so watch for wildlife – deer, foxes, feral chickens etc.


Thursday A/B rides – May 7th, 6:30 pm

Note the 6:30 start, and bring blinky lights if you got ’em!

Some things for the ‘B’ group to strive for during this ride:

  • Keep it steady and organized – We’ll target an average pace of 30 – 32 kph, so sometimes we’ll roll faster and sometimes slower, depending on the grade and group capacity. Avoid surging and excessive braking, and look to anticipate and adjust smoothly to changes in pace on hills, corners, etc.
  • Smooth, consistent rotations – At the front, let’s keep the rotations going at 30s – 3m intervals max, depending on how riders are feeling. When rotating, avoid shooting off the front in order to clear your colleague’s wheel. An uber-graceful transition can be achieved with just a very slight increase in effort from the advancing (left-side) rider and a like decrease in effort from the retreating (right-side) rider. Like butter. No need for big accelerations or decelerations.
  • Practice safe riding! – Avoid half-wheeling and sudden movements, and maintain good communication up and down the line.

And of course, let’s have fun riding bicycles! Look around, soak up the scenery… the evening is looking just swell!

‘A’ Group: Go fast, but be good to each other! Maybe save the pirate tactics until at least the halfway point of the route. 😉