Sunday October 29 Out of Town Ride| 10am Start

Ride is on! The weather forecast in Blue Mountain shows 9 degrees with no rain. See you there for a 10am start. Riders will meet at 194424 Grey County Road 13, Flesherton (approx. 1.5hrs from Guelph) for 10am. The ride will head into Blue Mountain for a café stop. This ride is dependent on the number of members interested, so please add to the comments section with either yes/no.


Sunday Combined Ride | October 15, 11:00am

RIDE CANCELLED. Although they keep pushing back the time of expected rain and huge winds, the forecast is still inappropriate for a club ride. If you do head out to chase some segments, be safe! Well we’d have a better chance of finding a three-legged ballerina than riding on Sunday. If, by some miracle the clouds clear, rain stops and we find ourselves ready to ride, what better idea than to head to the Forks of the Credit!
In the meantime hit the trainer and get your climbing legs ready for Rudy’s awesome ride in Grey County!


Sunday combined ride October 1st 11:00 am

And now for something completely different, heading out towards Erin then to beautiful Lac Belwood where we will stop for food and possibly drinks.
Please note start time is now 11:00 am so you can stay up late Saturday night watching Gossip Girl on Netflix like I’ll be and still make the ride!

Forecast looks clear but the temperatures are getting back to normal with the overnight low on Saturday hitting 3 degrees so dress appropriately, Oh and good luck to all the losers doing Levi’s* Grand Fondo down in sunny, warm California this weekend, not jealous at all.