Sunday Medium Paced Long Ride with Shorter Alternative

So, Scott and I have been working together to design a slower paced, social route that will include a medium distance and longer distance for those who want to ride at the 28 to 30 km/h pace. We have created a 120 km route with a stop in St George (which I keep hearing about and need to explore) for coffee and fritters. A shorter, more traditional “medium” route of 85 km has also been created for those who would prefer the traditional SRCC “Medium”… and Scott will turn off early at Safari Road for that one.

If you are looking for long at a FAST pace then Gabhan’s ride will be for you. Our ride will be slower.

The 120 km Route with Fritter Stop

The 85 km Route with stop in Freelton


Medium Ride Sunday July 29, 9:00am

This 76 km Fergus-Elora coffee run should get us home by lunch and before any threat of rain. We’ll be crossing the covered bridge at West Montrose (someone please open a cafe here!). A cool Saturday evening should make for a perfect start as the day warm towards noon. Bring a little money for the cafe in Elora. See you soon.


Sunday “Medium” Ride to Dundas with alternate: July 15 @ 9 am

Looks like Sunday is going to be a gorgeous day with low wind and a lot of sun. Sunday’s “Medium” ride will be “medium paced”…and long in distance. A trip down to Grupetto in Dundas at a pace hovering around 28 to 30 kph. This will be a safe and friendly ride focusing on endurance.

For those of you who would prefer distances around the usual sub 100 km length, you have options to turn off early and ride across Safari Road (please see alternate map below) for 98 km.

Bring a lot of water and nutrition as it will be a longer day and will probably get quite hot. We will stop for refills as necessary.

Option 1 to Dundas (Primary Map)

Option 2 to Carlisle (Alternate Map)