Sunday Sept 7th 9:00 am

The Long ride will be heading back to Forks of the credit but with some route changes to take in as many hills as possible with some new paved sections added. There will be a short amount of gravel on this route but as long as GC doesn’t attack it should be fine.
I have also added a note on the route regarding a fun downhill to uphill section on a side road I thought would make a great club hill climb that we can try if people are feeling frisky.


UPDATE: A few club members have expressed interest in a shorter route (hey Jeremy, hey Ann) so they’ll be doing the Mary-Fergus-Elora loop. This is an unofficial club ride (no ride leader) but should be just as fun.




Sunday, September 14 rides | NIAGARA | 10:00 A.M. START

Rides are officially on! Weather's looking mainly sunny, although a little cool… 11 degrees at the start of the ride, increasing to 15 degrees by early afternoon. See you all at the park for the 10:00 am start.

Two rides tomorrow, both launching from Queenston Heights Park in Niagara:

  • 103k Route – Jim Wadleigh is leading this ride, which currently consists of seven confirmed riders. This group will roll at a moderate pace, about 25 – 28 kph average, with a snack stop at the half-way point in Jordan.
  • 125k Route - I will lead this ride, which currently consists of six confirmed riders. This group will roll at a faster pace, likely averaging 30 – 32 kph at ride's end, but with cruising speeds in the mid-30's on the flats. We'll have a mid-ride cafe stop in Beamsville.

Both rides will follow the same route until the 50k mark, so the option exists to start with the longer group and drop back to the shorter group if needed.

Carpooling is available with Jim Wadleigh, Daryl LeBlanc or me, although seats are filling up… see comments section for details. We'd like to get a sense for attendance, so would ask that those considering either ride and/or looking to arrange carpooling post to the comments section of this entry or click here to send me a message.

Finally, please take particular note of the 10:00 start from Queenston, which will give us a bit of extra travel time. We'll park and meet in the circular drive area–it's convenient to the washrooms, where there's room to change if desired. The drive to Queenston Heights should take about 1h 20m with no traffic. Anyone running late or needing en route nav assistance can call or text me at 519-400-5401.

Hope you'll consider joining us!