Sunday Medium Distance to Limehouse – 9AM

So I took on a Sunday ride and was hoping to head down to Paris but looking at the forecast, it does not look like the wind will cooperate. Seeing that it will be easterly winds, I thought it best to head east first and then turn around with the wind at our back. Most of our eastbound roads will be sheltered so it won’t be too bad. Destination – Limehouse a cool little spot I like to frequent.
Bring some money for the coffee stop at the Flying Monkey which will be at the 2/3s point of the ride. My only question and worry is Appleby Road or Campbellville…which one is open? I figure if Appleby is closed we continue to Campbellville. See you at 9AM


Sunday Medium I June 3rd 2018 I 9:00am

The route is 75km from the start at the library to the finish in Arkell. The map shows it as being longer due to some duplications between Arkell and the Library at the end. This route will get us back by noon and that is when the rain is supposed to start! If the weather looks to be better than the current forecast we can make a few, in ride, changes to the route to accommodate the group’s preferences.  Stop in Bellwood for food and drink.

Hourly Weather Forecast