Sunday Medium Ride May 28th @ 9 am

UPDATE. The weather forecast has greatly improved so the ride is most likely a go. If something changes dramatically the final call will be made by 8 am on Sunday morning. The route will take us south to the rolling Halton country side where we will take the fun way up Twiss and loop back around for a coffee stop at the Flying Monkey. After refueling its up 6th line and back home.


Sunday Medium Ride | May 21, 9:00AM

**RIDE IS CANCELLED** “Showers and risk of thunderstorms” – EC. “Sad” – DT. The plan is to do a CW loop around Morriston, then to Hespler for a halfway pit stop (bring a little cash) and then up towards Maryhill and back into Guelph from the north for an 80k jaunt. Final call will be posted Sunday morning at 8AM. Here’s the infra red sat picture of the coming weather system – looking for a change in the weather. Oh, and happy birthday Vicky!


Sunday May 14th Medium ride | 9:00 AM

Medium Ride and Happy Mothers Day. We are Using the same route from the ride I led a few weeks ago, however, the gravel road section has been removed from the route do to the roughness of the road as a result of the ongoing construction. We will also pass the highest point in halton region; bring some Oxygen bottles! We will stop for drinks and food in Erin with a few other re-fueling points en-route if needed. The distance to our de facto end point in Arkell is 85km. We will be focusing on riding as a safe and cohesive group. Since there are some big rollers, we will allow folks to climb at their own pace on the big hills and then we will regroup at the tops of the hills. High Temp of 15 on the forecast, dress well since it will be much cooler than that when we start.


Sunday April 30 combined rides| 9:00 AM start! Ride cancelled

Update Ride cancelled, Rain is coming through, even if it stops when the ride starts at 9:00 the roads will be wet and the temperature is only going to be 2 degrees with 50 km/h gusts, Stalwart people can still show up but it will not be an official club ride.

a Please note the start time is now at 9:00 am and this will be the last combined ride until October. Next weekend we will offer a separate short and long ride each with its own ride leader.
The weather forecast isn’t looking great for Sunday with rain and a high of 5 degrees so please check back by 8:00 am Sunday to see if the ride is still on.

Scheduled stop will be in Kilbride for drinks.
Good luck to all our riders doing the Paris to Ancaster ride, hope the forecast improves!


Sunday April 22 11:00 AM, Medium/Long Combined Ride

OK, This will be of Long/Medium combination ride of sorts. Those riders that want to add a few extra miles and some intensity can loop up to Bellwood Lake and then back down and rejoin the route. Perhaps if they are good enough; catch up with the main group. The distance to our de facto end point in Arkell is 80km. We will be focusing on riding as a cohesive group and polishing some of our rusty group riding skills.