Thursday June18th A/B ride 6:30PM

Update at 5:25PM Ride is on. Radar looks decent – if we do get any precip, just be careful and err on the side of safety…

Update at 5:05PM Too early to tell. looks okay but some thunderstorms still might happen. I’ll make the call at 5:30

Slight change to the original route. Apparently new chip seal has made some of the previous parts of the route unsafe. The new ride goes on my favourite named road Nassawagaya – Esquesing Townline. Here’s something for all you aspiring historians – Nassagaweya is from the Mississauga first nation language and refers to the fact that area is “between the waters” of rivers that flow to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Esquesing is also from the Missisauga First nation and means “that what lies at the end” which is their rather cryptic name for Bronte Creek. So now you know…

Anyway, I’ll give the go/no-go at 5:00PM if the weather looks bad.


Wednesday June 17, 6:30 pm

Sorry for the late post. Tonights ride will explore some roads to the west of town. We will be doing a short stretch on Hwy 34 so we may go single file depending on traffic. This is the classic Cambridge Loop returning up Victoria Rd.


Club Time Trial #2 – Wed. June 17/15

UPDATE: Results posted below.

The second TT of our 4 event time trial series is this week, with first rider starting at 7:00pm!

Note the schedule for the remaining events in the series:

  • July 8
  • August 19

Time trials are a great way to test your fitness.  It is a race against yourself and the clock. Riders start at 1 minute intervals and the challenge is to try to catch the rider ahead of you and not to be caught by the rider behind you!  No drafting is allowed.

We use the same course for each of the 4 TT events allowing you to measure your training progression throughout the season.

The course is a 17km long out-and-back route on the rolling hills of Fourth Line East just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)


  • maintain a steady power output and heart rate throughout the event
  • have a smooth, regular pedalling technique
  • position yourself to be extremely aerodynamic
  • discipline yourself to operate just below your anaerobic threshold until near the end of the course.


  • please exercise caution during the TT, especially at the turn around, as the roads are open and vehicles can be expected
  • please remember that while waiting for your start to not obstruct traffic
  • please remember to bring your club membership card.

Course Record:  Ryan Roth 22:08.49 – 46.07 km/hr  – July 18/12
Meeting Location:  Start Line – 4th Line East, just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)
Meeting Time:  Sign-in: 6:45pm, First rider start: 7:00pm

Another big turnout tonight, with 12 riders tackling the TT course. And it was a great night, with 10 Personal Best times recorded! 
Weather: clear, sunny, 21 degrees, wind SE 14 km/hr, humidity 60%

Place Name Time km/hr
1 Andy Mill 24:23.23 41.83
2 Gabhan Chalmers 25:00.34 40.79 PB
3 Kyle Boorsma 25:06.66 40.62 PB
4 Bayden Pritchard 25:32.94 39.92
5 Adam Woods 26:11.02 38.96 PB
6 Ben Dutton 26:29.98 38.49 PB
7 Kevin Bodbyl 26:58.30 37.82 PB
8 Mark Dipple 27:43.47 36.79 PB
9 Ingos Schnuelle 27:59.78 36.43 PB
10 Tara MacDonald 28:17.94 36.04 PB
11 Russel Watson 28:52.09 35.33 PB
12 Gord Drewitt 29:00.21 35.17 PB

Note: The club’s all-time time results list can be found HERE


Tues. A Hammerfest: June 16th 6:30pm

FYI – we won’t have a ride leader available for this one – so the B group ride leader will sound you all off from the library at 6:30pm, and then you can split into two groups as usual by Arkel & Watson. Have fun, ride safe, and see you at the TT tomorrow.


Sunday June 14th medium ride | 9am

Ride is cancelled. Showers and maybe thunderstorms coming our way.The forecast isn’t looking good… check back at 8 am to see whether the ride is on. A scenic route for the medium group this week: Maryhill, Crowsfoot, the covered bridge and Elora. We’ll stop for refueling in Elora.