Sunday A/B 95 km Mother’s Day Loop – 8 AM

In all honesty, it looks like Saturday is the better cycling day this weekend. Although TWN keeps changing every time I check it, it is going to be cold, damp and windy all day Sunday…it is Mother’s Day anyhow so let’s keep the ride a little shorter.

This route is for both the A Group, who will be averaging 33 km/h or more and will have the safety net of the B Group behind them averaging 29 to 31 km/h.

There is no official coffee stop for this loop as it will be quite chilly and stopping only makes it worse as you warm up and then feel more chilled once you start riding again; however, if people really want, there is the option to take a detour to either the Brown Dog in Waterdown at 57 km or the Flying Monkey in Campbellville at 77 km.


Thursday A/B/C Rides | May 9 @ 6:30pm

RIDE CANCELLED. More storm cells coming our way. This week we’ll head through Eden Mills, then down Fourth Line. At First Line, the B and C groups turn right, head over to Watson and back; the A group turns left, down to Campbellville Rd., over the col and up Watson. Easy as 1 2 3. Weather looks dicey, and the call will be made by 5:30.


TIN Ride – May 7th 6:30 PM Alternate location again! ALL Members Welcome!

RIDE IS ON! 13 degrees and clear skies!

Ride begins at the Arkell United Church not the Library! We are using an ALTERNATE location for the loop (same one as last week) as they are still doing work on 20/34 as of this afternoon. See map below.

This is a fun evening of riding where ALL club members can participate and work on the elements they desire: fitness, speed, endurance or just another nice night for a ride.

Riders will be organized into appropriate groups of their choosing. Relaxed and Moderate groups will ride in a Social Paceline rotation and more Advanced groups will focus on High Intensity Interval Training. The circuit is comprised of quiet rural roads. There will be up to seven speed groups: everything from a dedicated “Learn to Group Ride” wave, all the way up to Hammerfest.

Note Well: Please employ good hand signals to your fellow riders pointing out any and all road hazards on the route. Also be steady, smooth and predictable through the corners especially the ‘S’ bends on 25th Side Road.

Check out our TIN Ride web page for all the details. From the serious racer to the recreational rider, this is a terrific addition to your week. This ride has something for everyone. You are in for a treat!


Sunday B Ride | May 5 8:00am


Lets ride south and after a coffee stop in Dundas or Waterdown (democracy shall determine our selection of patronage) we then slug it up Sydenham and wind our way back. Sunday looking like a fine day for riding but still a tad on the cool side to start.