Thursday Sept. 5 A/B – Last weekday club ride of the year!

Well, folks, this is it. The year’s very last official club ride to take place during the week.
Let’s revisit a route from early on in the season. A classic loop down Watson, across 36 through Moffat, back up 4th, and a swing through Eden Mills before the finish on Arkell Road.
The B ride will work together to keep a solid, steady pace; while the A ride…well, will likely be much more spirited.
It’s been a great season – let’s finish it off with another great ride.


6pm Wednesday Social Ride PLUS Non-Members Try a Ride

A nice, easy paced mid-week ride is on the table for Wednesday afternoon. Let’s hope for good weather and smooth roads for our ride. In saying that, there is some chip seal on Side Road 25 just before Guelph line but at this point, it should be pretty good and nothing to be concerned about.

Pace will be around 28 or 29 km/hour in a nice social paceline where we can spin our legs and take it easy.

Gabhan will also be with us hosting a Try-a-ride for non-members, or people who are interested in checking out the club. So, if you know someone who is contemplating joining SRCC, this is the ride for them!

This is a shorter distance, but please remember your lights and wear brighter colours.


September 4th Tuesday B ride | 6pm

Same route as the cancelled route from last week. 50km back to the end at Arkell.   Should give people time to get home before the darkness arrives. If we have a big group we will split up into sub groups. The fast groups will allow people to drop and the second group will pick up the carcasses.