September 4th Tuesday B ride | 6pm

Same route as the cancelled route from last week. 50km back to the end at Arkell.   Should give people time to get home before the darkness arrives. If we have a big group we will split up into sub groups. The fast groups will allow people to drop and the second group will pick up the carcasses.


Sunday Medium Pace – Mid and Long Rides | September 2nd 9:00AM

8:00 AM Weather Call: Ride is on!
There is definitely some rain coming today, it’s just a bit difficult to say exactly when. EC says 40% chance with the Likelihood of Precipitation being ‘Low’.

Medium pace (28-30 kph)

The Mid distance 78 km group stops in Georgetown for coffee and a snack at the Silvercreek Cafe. You’ll be home in time for lunch on this ride.

The Longer distance 116 km group sets out with the medium group and then carries on through Glen Williams, Terra Cotta, Inglewood, Belfountain and Erin before getting back to Guelph. Great cafe stop opportunities on this ride!

Don’t forget to bring a bit of cash!

The weather is looking a bit ‘so, so’ as of Friday’s posting. Weather updates will be made right up to Sunday at 8 AM for the final call. Hope you can join us.

Mid Distance

Longer Distance


Thursday A/B Ride | Aug 30th, 6:00PM

6:00 PM Start! Club Social at the Wooly 9:00 PM.
Late season fun!
Two rides, two routes, one small hilly difference – load accordingly! A wee shorter distance than last week with some new pavement on Victoria. EC says no chance of rain. Temperatures promise to be perfect. Only route difference is the ‘A’ group will continue south past Leslie and stuff a Col in between their Burgs – chamois butter may be required! Sunset is at 8:01 PM. Bring lights as usual. See you soon!

A Ride

B Ride


Social Ride: Wed. at 6:00

Let’s go. (Forecast seems to predict a dry rain near the end of the ride.)

As one of the last rides of the season, I propose a metaphor for the season. The start of the ride will be a bit rough (i.e. south on Watson). There will be some uphills and some downhills, before a smooth return home (i.e. north on Victoria). Bring lights, since it is getting dark earlier.

The weather forecast looks a bit iffy. I will make a go/no-go decision before 4:30. Hopefully, it will be a go.


CANCELLED August 28th Tuesday B ride | 6pm

OFFICIAL RIDE CANCELLED. Between the humidex advisory, and the high probability of thunderstorms a bit later on, the official ride is cancelled. People may still show up at the library though.

Note the early start time! Simple route, counter-clockwise around Watson, 15, 6th, and 25. It going to feel like almost 40 degrees with the humidity, so be prepared. Bring lights if you got em.