Thursday A/B/C May 16th 630 pm

Update: as 5:15pm the radar is clear, even though some clouds are rolling in. Ride is on!! Time to finally put away the leg warmers and air out the legs in the spring air. We still don’t have a ton of daylight hours yet so we will not push the distance too much. The route is fairly straightforward and offers a little bit of everything for everyone. The B and C groups will look to work together and keep a brisk but steady pace. Since the legs are starting to wake up for the summer the C group will look to average a minimum of 30km/h. The A group will do their thing and have an extra few km put on their route.


Wednesday A/B

This ride will be another great opportunity to get our legs going, with a bit of wind, some soft climbs and a chance to enjoy the sport we love! I will make a rain call at 5:15 pm as this is when I have to leave my house to arrive at the start location. See you there, Vlad


TIN Ride – May 14th 6:30 PM ALL Members Welcome!

Ride begins at the Arkell United Church not the Library! We are sticking with the same loop as last week and will switch it up later in the season. See map below.

This is a fun evening of riding where ALL club members can participate and work on the elements they desire: fitness, speed, endurance or just another nice night for a ride.

Riders will be organized into appropriate groups of their choosing. Relaxed and Moderate groups will ride in a Social Paceline rotation and more Advanced groups will focus on High Intensity Interval Training. The circuit is comprised of quiet rural roads. There will be up to seven speed groups: everything from a dedicated “Learn to Group Ride” wave, all the way up to Hammerfest.

Check out our TIN Ride web page for all the details. From the serious racer to the recreational rider, this is a terrific addition to your week. This ride has something for everyone. You are in for a treat!

Note Well: Please employ good hand signals to your fellow riders pointing out any and all road hazards on the route and be steady, smooth and predictable.


Sunday May 12th |C Ride| 8:00am

It will be cold, please bring lots of warm gear, you can always remove excess gear but can not put on gear you did not bring.

Lots of different terrain and scenery on this 70km ride. We can stop in Campbellville at the flying monkey to refuel. Lots of options to alter the route during the ride to suite the needs of the group. We will take it easy considering how early we are in the season and how few riding days we have had this spring. Average pace on the flats will be between 26-28km/h. Good chance to refresh our bike handling skills and group riding skills. On the longer hills we will allow riders to climb at their own pace and we will regroup at the top of the climb. Weather is not looking promising so look back here for the go/no-go call on Sunday no later than 7:15am.