Sunday Medium Ride | May 21, 9:00AM

**RIDE IS CANCELLED** “Showers and risk of thunderstorms” – EC. “Sad” – DT. The plan is to do a CW loop around Morriston, then to Hespler for a halfway pit stop (bring a little cash) and then up towards Maryhill and back into Guelph from the north for an 80k jaunt. Final call will be posted Sunday morning at 8AM. Here’s the infra red sat picture of the coming weather system – looking for a change in the weather. Oh, and happy birthday Vicky!


Thursday May 18th A/B rides | 6:30pm

**RIDE IS CANCELLED** There is a SEVERE thunderstorm watch in effect. The radar shows small storm cells moving across Southern Ontario north of Guelph. I’m thinking it will miss us, but for everyones safety I’m cancelling the ride. Sorry for the late notice.

Here’s a quick recap on our Thursday night rides: The ‘A’ Group is a spirited group ride (32+ kph) with possible attacks (discouraged before halfway point). Dropped riders have the option to wait for and join the trailing ‘B’ Group. The ‘B’ Group does the same route but as a steady/organized group ride (28-32 kph), free of attacks–although some group separation may occur within final five kilometres. The forecast includes possible showers and thunderstorms. Watch here for a final decision in case of cancellation by 5:30 PM.