Sunday October 6th, 11:00 am B/C Ride

Sorry folks, I have to cancel this ride since I can’t make it and there’s nobody available to cover for me. Also, the weather forcast is middling at best. However, if you want to meet up and do an informal DIY ride, feel free. Note that with the cool weather ride start times are now 11 AM/


Sunday B Ride – September 29th – 9:00am Start

Third time lucky? We have tried to run this route twice this month only to be weathered out. Let’s hope this time works.

We are now moving the start time to 9 am to allow for a few extra precious degrees of warmth when we roll out! Nice scenic route through Acton, Glen Williams, and Limehouse. Lots of places to stop and refresh along the route. This is 110km form the start back to the church at Arkell and Watson.


Sunday 09/29 C Ride – 9am

A variation on the classic Fergus-Elora loop – let’s go clockwise! We’ll head to Maryhill first, then to Elora, where we can stop for a coffee if we wish, then off to Fergus and back home. A short gravel section on Jones Baseline, but it’s a beautiful, quiet road that shouldn’t be missed!

Official ride end point will be the trailhead for the Royal Recreational Trail/GORBA trails on Victoria Rd N.