Tues B – Little Hammer, June 2, 6:30 pm

We will shortcut the Tues A route by about 5 km. Anyone getting dropped from A ride will have a chance to regroup with the B group on Dublin. Lets keep the rotation graceful and steady so that we can maintain a quick pace and strive to be back before dusk. Victoria and Conservation will mark the end if the club ride. As always bring lights if you gottem.


Tues. A(.k.a: Hammerfest): June 2, `15, 6:30pm

This one’s goes out to the long time Tuesday’ers who’ve seen them all. Fresh toast right here.

Heading through Rockwood there are bound to be parked cars, etc, for that ~2km stretch, so extra caution and slowdown will occur there, but its the best way through that neck of the woods.

Also, there is the possibility of a 1km dirt section, although I’m 75% sure they’ve paved this along with some nearby roads recently. Its marked on the map. If it’s still dirt we’ll take it easy and regroup at the end.


Sunday Long: May 31, 9am

Cancelled for now – will keep an eye on weather but looks like rain is a sure thing.


Some tweaks on the route I normally take out here that hopefully make for a better ride. Note the ~2.5kms of dirt included and flagged on the map, should be worth it. These roads are little traveled so shouldn’t be too beat up: