Club Time Trial #4 – Rescheduled – Tuesday Aug 26/14 – 6:30pm

Last week's final TT of the season has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 26/14.

Note the start time is 6:30pm (not the usual 7pm). See previous post for details as to location, etc. 

Sorry about conflict with the Tuesday club ride.


The rain from last week was gone, but the hot humid weather that greeted riders made for the warmest TT of the year. A fairly big turnout, including 3 first timers, were hoping the old adage of warm humid temperatures making for fast times would prove to be true. And judging by the results it appears to be.

Six PB times were set, with Derek missing out by a mere 1.16 seconds in breaking his Eddy Merkx course record. A great end to the season's TT series.

  1. Bayden Pritchard      24:41.90       41.30 km/hr    PB
  2. Derek Snider            25:05.12        40.66km/hr
  3. Aaron Prieur             26:02.08       39.18km/hr    PB
  4. Benoit Boulay          26:39.19        38.27km/hr    PB
  5. John Parrott             26:56.56        37.86km/hr    PB
  6. Rob Nespolo            27:35.90        36.96km/hr    PB
  7. Kevin Bodbyl            28:03.53        36.35km/hr    PB

Weather: 27 degrees, humidex 36, partly cloudy, winds W 16km/hr, gusts 29km/hr, humidity 69%


Club Time Trial #4 – Wed Aug 20/14 – cancelled this week

The 4th and final TT of the season!

5:00pm update: After looking rather promising earlier this afternoon, the weather radar is now showing a heavy rainstorm directly over the TT course between 6:30 and 8:00pm. So the TT is CANCELLED this week.
We can try again next week, but I’m a bit busy Wednesday (it might work, but might not). How about Monday or Tuesday? Or maybe Wed at 6pm? Leave a comment below.

Time trials are a great way to test your fitness.  It is a race against yourself and the clock. Riders start at 1 minute intervals and the challenge is to try to catch the rider ahead of you and not to be caught by the rider behind you!  No drafting is allowed. 

We use the same course for each of the 4 TT events allowing you to measure your training progression throughout the season.

The course is a 17km long out-and-back route on the rolling hills of Fourth Line East just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)


  • maintain a steady power output and heart rate throughout the event
  • have a smooth, regular pedalling technique
  • position yourself to be extremely aerodynamic
  • discipline yourself to operate just below your anaerobic threshold until near the end of the course.


  • please exercise caution during the TT, especially at the turn around, as the roads are open and vehicles can be expected
  • please remember that while waiting for your start to not obstruct traffic
  • please remember to bring your club membership card. 

Course Record:  Ryan Roth 21:30.39 – 47.43 km/hr  – August 21/13

Meeting Location:  Start Line – 4th Line East, just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)

Meeting Time:  Sign-in: 6:45pm, First rider start: 7:00pm