Tuesday August 21st B Ride. 6:00 pm

The folks at the weather network have our odds of riding at 10% tomorrow but what do they know! We can’t let the A ride have all the fun doing loops so we will do some too if we actually ride. The posted route includes only 1 14km loop, but we will try to get 2 or 3 in if daylight allows it. Official call will be made by 5. Some may still show up if the ride is cancelled if you feel like riding in the rain.


Tuesday A “Hammerfest” Aug. 21 – 6:00pm

For starters, note the 6:00 time start. Yup, it is that time of year again. This is the 3rd time I have attempted the Guelph Lake Loops ride, and the weather forecast may ruin it again. The official call will be made by 4:31, if it is cancelled. If it is not cancelled, we will repeat the 8km loop 3-5 times with a rest between each. If enough riders show up, we can set up chase groups and some team dynamics to make the suffering more interesting.


Sunday Medium Ride August 19th, 9:00am

It is time for some different roads and hills. We will venture south into the Halton area and climb Bell School Line followed by a stop at the Monkey and a return home along 2nd line. Bell School Line is a great climb bringing us to the top of the escarpment by Kelso. I know you will all enjoy it!


Ride tonight cancelled

After reviewing as many radar screens as I can find I feel like we won’t be able to avoid the cells moving into our area, so I am bailing.  If you do go have a safe ride.  If anyone is interested in a ride Saturday please text me at 519-588-0021.

Rubber side down,



Aug. 16/18 A/B Groups

There is a 50-60-% chance of rain so I will post a comment at 5 pm if I am a go-no go.  Hope to see you there. Vlad Read more