Sunday 8am – AB 130k

Let’s look at the positive to all this rain, surely the roads will be clear for tomorrow’s ride. A long route has been planned that will take us down toward St George, above Dundas, up through Waterdown and up Cedar Springs home. We will stop in Waterdown and the Copper Kettle for a coffee and a snack.

If anyone wants to shorten this route there is the option to turn off on Safari Road to head home and if anyone is brave enough to make it longer, you can do a hill repeat on Sydenham Road and go down to Dundas. Or head toward Milton and go climb Rattlesnake.

A big thank you to Wilfred for this beautiful route. We rode it last year and loved it. Very scenic. I keep going back to it.


Thursday A/B/C May 23 – 6:30pm

THE RIDE IS CANCELLED. SUPER WINDY. If you ride, please be careful! Here is a chance to venture a little North before returning home. The A ride will do an extra loop at the very end. B and C groups will do the shorter version and focus on staying together with a steady speed. The C group speed will be 30 to 32 km/h, B group speed will be 32 to 35 km/h and the A group will do whatever they want. Enjoy! The ride officially ends at Watson and Arkell.


Wednesday A, B & C Rides May 22, 6:30PM

Weather Update: Ride is on! As usual, we will be starting at the East End Library. Be ready to pedal at 6:30 PM by the entrance doors, but please don’t block them. Days are getting a bit longer and so are the rides! Two routes: an A & B and a slightly shortened course for the C group (two maps below). Are you new here? Then an extra special welcome to you and please be sure to read our New Member page. And please take a moment to read up on the Group Ride Guidelines as well as the Safety & Skills page. Bringing lights is always a good idea. Forecast is 40% chance of rain as of 24 hours prior, so be sure to check back for a cancellation update posted no later than 5:30 PM.

Three pace levels for Wednesday, check the new schedule for details.

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average


Club TT #1 / NO TIN Ride! – May 21/19

Note: We are forgoing the Tuesday Interval Night once per month to encourage riders to participate in the Time Trial series. There is no ride leaving from Arkell tonight!

The first TT of our 4 event time trial series is this week, with first rider starting at 7:00pm!

For 2019: We will be using the same course as last year, on 6th Line East.

Note the schedule for the other events in the series:

  • June 11
  • July 16
  • August 20

Time trials are a great way to test your fitness.  It is a race against yourself and the clock. Riders start at 1 minute intervals and the challenge is to try to catch the rider ahead of you and not to be caught by the rider behind you!  No drafting is allowed.

We use the same course for each of the 4 TT events allowing you to measure your training progression throughout the season.

The course is 16.7km long, an out-and-back route on the rolling hills of Sixth Line East just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)


  • maintain a steady power output and heart rate throughout the event
  • have a smooth, regular pedalling technique
  • position yourself to be extremely aerodynamic
  • discipline yourself to operate just below your anaerobic threshold until near the end of the course.


  • please exercise caution during the TT, especially at the turn around, as the roads are open and vehicles can be expected
  • please remember that while waiting for your start to not obstruct traffic

Course Record:
Men: Andy Mill           23:14.9      43.09 km/hr      August 16/18
Women: Tara MacDonald    26:55.6      37.21 km/hr      May 18/16

Meeting Location:  Start Line – 6th Line East, just north of County Road 51 (road to Ariss)
Meeting Time:  Sign-in: 6:45pm, First rider start: 7:00pm