Congrats to all Paris to Ancaster racers

It was a cold and windy edition, but the club had a great showing! Look to the forum for some possible race re-caps and war stories. Here are some brief results, let me know if I missed anybody.

Place Name Category Cat Place Gender Place Time Gap Speed Wave
32 FEDOSOV, James LM20-29 6/101 30/1281 2h 19′ 51″ 0h 11′ 33″ 29.4 EVIP
68 DENNIS, Michael LM40-49 19/426 66/1281 2h 24′ 59″ 0h 16′ 41″ 28.3 EVIP
89 PRIEUR, Aaron LM30-39 34/292 86/1281 2h 26′ 00″ 0h 17′ 43″ 28.2 EVIP
127 CHAPPEL, Mark LM40-49 42/425 121/1281 2h 30′ 39″ 0h 22′ 22″ 27.3 W1
130 ROSE, Joel LM40-49 44/426 124/1281 2h 31′ 12″ 0h 22′ 54″ 27.2 EVIP
142 LEFEBVRE, Alex LM20-29 17/101 136/1281 2h 32′ 47″ 0h 24′ 29″ 26.9 EVIP
209 HARVEY, Philip LM40-49 71/425 198/1281 2h 39′ 20″ 0h 31′ 02″ 25.8 W1
235 DREWITT, Gordon LM40-49 80/425 223/1281 2h 42′ 29″ 0h 34′ 11″ 25.3 W1
398 MAHON, Cameron LM50-59 54/282 375/1281 2h 57′ 26″ 0h 49′ 08″ 23.2 W4
427 LYLE, Rich LM30-39 129/293 404/1281 2h 59′ 17″ 0h 50′ 59″ 22.9 W3
449 FERWERDA, Ronald LXMSS 6/22 424/1281 3h 00′ 42″ 0h 52′ 24″ 22.7 W2
488 FERWERDA, Wilfred LXMSS 8/22 461/1281 3h 03′ 25″ 0h 55′ 07″ 22.4 W2
509 MAXWELL, Jme LM40-49 171/425 481/1281 3h 05′ 08″ 0h 56′ 51″ 22.2 W4
662 CALCAGNO, Lorenz LM50-59 115/282 615/1281 3h 17′ 35″ 1h 09′ 17″ 20.8 W4
953 PLATER FINDLAY, Michael LM40-49 302/425 872/1281 3h 45′ 19″ 1h 37′ 01″ 18.2 W4
988 COOPER, Kirsten LF50-59 05-Dec 86/145 3h 48′ 29″ 1h 40′ 11″ 18 W4

New Ontario ITT Series

Today we received the following press release from the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) announcing a new Ontario ITT Race Series organized by

Club members may be interested as one of the events is being held in Fergus. In addition, club members who do not have an OCA racing licence are eligible to participate!

Registration for the first event closed this coming Thursday May 4/17 at midnight. is proud to bring to you the brand new Ontario ITT Series. The series will feature three events across the province, all of which will run with traditional Regional categories (ability based) as well as U17 & Para.

Here’s the best part: OCA club members can participate without a racing licence.

Each event will have a Sportif category where any member of an OCA Sanctioned Club (ACM) will be allowed to participate in. Various distances will be offered, both for Men & Women, and will each have a podium ceremony and awards! Series points will be awarded to top finishers and a final series standing will tell us who the best club riders of 2017 are!

The three dates within the series are:

Ingersoll, ON – Saturday, May 6th, 2017
Fergus, ON – Sunday, June 11th, 2017
Dundalk, ON – Sunday July 23rd, 2017

Registration for the first event is now up on CCN Bikes:!/events/racetimingca-2017-ontario-cup-time-trial-1

The other two events will be online shortly. Entry fees are the excellent price of $30 for club members racing Sportif.

Hope you can all make it!


Indoor trainer rides finished for 2017

Thanks to all those that came out for the sessions this year. We may be back next year if there is still interest, Zwift seems to be killing the vibe 🙂

The SRCC indoor winter training series is a go for 2017! Sessions will begin on Tuesday, January 10th at 7:00 p.m., and continue on Tuesday’s for 8 weeks (through to Feb. 28th inclusive).

The location is new for this year, all sessions will be held at the gym at the Holy Rosary Catholic School located at 365 Stevenson St, Guelph. Parking is available between the church and the school. Bring your bike, stationary trainer or rollers, water, and a towel for 1 – 1.5 hours of pure, sweat-stained enjoyment.

This series is free to all SRCC members, as costs are being covered by the club… with thanks to our generous sponsors, of course!

Hope to see you there! Any questions, please contact Gabhan Chalmers at


AGM takes place Monday, November 28th at 7:00 p.m.

The SRCC Annual General Meeting will take place Monday, November 28th downstairs at The Shakespeare Arms. It’s at this meeting that we’ll hear end-of-year reports on club operations and, importantly, elect our 2017 volunteer executive, encompassing the positions identified here. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend, and anyone wishing to seek election to—or nominate another for—the volunteer executive can either submit their (self-)nomination to or declare as much in person at the AGM. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. sharp, and shouldn’t last more than an hour, tops. Come on out!