Wednesday, June 5th, Try-a-Ride and C Ride route!


Good evening everyone! The weather does not look very promising, but the ride certainly is! I have us doing an out and back again loop on some quiet roads where we can practice our skills and increase our fitness!! If we are a go, please arrive early if you are on the try a ride program so that you can fill out our waiver. I will update this message tomorrow if we are a go or no-go due to rain 🙁 Have a great evening!!



Wednesday A/B

This ride will be another great opportunity to get our legs going, with a bit of wind, some soft climbs and a chance to enjoy the sport we love! I will make a rain call at 5:15 pm as this is when I have to leave my house to arrive at the start location. See you there, Vlad


Ride tonight cancelled

After reviewing as many radar screens as I can find I feel like we won’t be able to avoid the cells moving into our area, so I am bailing.  If you do go have a safe ride.  If anyone is interested in a ride Saturday please text me at 519-588-0021.

Rubber side down,


Aug. 16/18 A/B Groups

There is a 50-60-% chance of rain so I will post a comment at 5 pm if I am a go-no go.  Hope to see you there. Vlad Read moreFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

Wed. June 20th ride

Should be a great night for a smooth ride.  Hopefully, I have created the link correctly.  Still getting used to creating/posting rides.  Looking forward to a great turnout!