Wednesday A/B

This ride will be another great opportunity to get our legs going, with a bit of wind, some soft climbs and a chance to enjoy the sport we love! I will make a rain call at 5:15 pm as this is when I have to leave my house to arrive at the start location. See you there, Vlad


Ride tonight cancelled

After reviewing as many radar screens as I can find I feel like we won’t be able to avoid the cells moving into our area, so I am bailing.  If you do go have a safe ride.  If anyone is interested in a ride Saturday please text me at 519-588-0021.

Rubber side down,


Aug. 16/18 A/B Groups

There is a 50-60-% chance of rain so I will post a comment at 5 pm if I am a go-no go.  Hope to see you there. Vlad Read moreFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

Wed. June 20th ride

Should be a great night for a smooth ride.  Hopefully, I have created the link correctly.  Still getting used to creating/posting rides.  Looking forward to a great turnout!



Wed. May 23rd ride | 6:30pm

Looking forward to a great ride 42 kms. ride tonight.  Heading east out past Guelph Line, over to 5th line, then taking 25 side road over as we work together to negotiate our way back to the start/finish line.