Wednesday Social Ride, June 27 6:30pm. RIDE CANCELLED.

RADAR SHOWS A BAND OF RAIN AND THUNDERSTORMS MOVING THROUGH THE AREA AROUND 7PM. Even though tonight’s ride is unlikely given the forecast, we can still think about what could have been. In the event the ride is a go, we will head north to Oustic and then make our way back to Arkell via Rockwood. The ride is a little over 50km and we should be back in ample time before darkness. The final call on the ride will be made by 5pm.


Sunday June 17 Medium Ride | 9am

It is going to be a warm one so we will keep the distance close to 80km and target to be done around 12:30pm so that everyone can enjoy the afternoon of Father’s Day. We are heading north and then southwest to Hespeler. We will have a short stop in Hespeler for refreshments and then make our way to Watson for the final leg home. Of course there is a little bit of gravel outside of Maryhill. Bring ample water and sunscreen.


Wednesday Social Ride April 25, 6:00pm

RIDE CANCELLED. RAINING AGAIN…..A gentle ride for our first Wednesday of the season. Hopefully the weather will cooperate – the final call will be made by 5pm.  If the roads are wet, the ride will be cancelled. Bring your lights to be safe.

We will be doing the ride from last Wednesday which was cancelled. Unfortunately I am experiencing some technical issues and am unable to embed the map. Please refer to last week’s post for the route.