Wednesday Social Ride: A,B, and C, August 21th @ 6:00pm

NOTE THE 6:00PM START TIME! Well this is the first 6:00pm Wednesday ride of the summer which means two things: firstly, we should all be in better riding shape than the spring and secondly, we are keen to ride on different routes. Tonight’s route features a few hills including the Watson Col and Berg. The C group will be spared the Col unless of course they want to challenge themselves.

Bring lights, ride safely and when climbing the longer hills, try to remain in the pace line. Regroup at the top of the hills or at the next convenient location such as a stop sign.


Wednesday Social Ride A, B & C – July 10th, 6:30PM

Tomorrow looks to be another hot summer evening – bring lots of fluids & snacks. There is a possibility of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and early evening so a call will be made by 5:30 at the latest if the ride is a No Go. As always, please do not block the entrance doors to the library. Two routes: an A & B and a slightly shortened course for the C group (two maps below).

Let’s all remember to maintain a good cohesive social paceline on the rides with lots of communication up and down the paceline.

Three pace levels for Wednesday, check the new schedule for details.

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average 
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average


Sunday June 9 C Ride, 8:00am

NOTE REVISED ROUTE AS OF 9:00PM. Looks like tomorrow will be a perfect day for riding. We will head south into Halton Hills and make our way back home via the Flying Monkey for a coffee, brownie or other refreshment. Some different roads and scenery, a few rollers and a cruise past the mushroom factory.


Sunday Medium Ride August 19th, 9:00am

It is time for some different roads and hills. We will venture south into the Halton area and climb Bell School Line followed by a stop at the Monkey and a return home along 2nd line. Bell School Line is a great climb bringing us to the top of the escarpment by Kelso. I know you will all enjoy it!


Wednesday Social Ride Aug. 8, 6:30pm

The days are getting shorter but the riding legs are getting stronger. A ride with a few ups and downs which will test our skills to keep up a 28kph average. As usual, we will focus on smooth transitions and tight groupings. The weather forecast calls for a possibility of rain so a final call will be made at 5:00pm.


Wednesday Social Ride, June 27 6:30pm. RIDE CANCELLED.

RADAR SHOWS A BAND OF RAIN AND THUNDERSTORMS MOVING THROUGH THE AREA AROUND 7PM. Even though tonight’s ride is unlikely given the forecast, we can still think about what could have been. In the event the ride is a go, we will head north to Oustic and then make our way back to Arkell via Rockwood. The ride is a little over 50km and we should be back in ample time before darkness. The final call on the ride will be made by 5pm.