Epidemiologist Rides a Bike

By now, some of you may have heard of the Dutch/Belgian study whose authors recommended that fast runners maintain at least 10 m distance and fast cyclists maintain at least 20 m distance from others in their “slipstream”. It received a lot of media attention, enough that runners and cyclists felt a bit demonized.

The researchers used existing wind tunnel measurements to computer simulate how far droplets traveled after being coughed, sneezed or exhaled by a fast moving person.

There were many limitations to this study. Mainly, the study was about droplets, not infectious particles, and none of the authors were medically trained. Many medical experts have responded that the study in no way addresses the risk of spreading infection. There are many more factors to consider. Droplets disperse much differently outside than inside and are subject to the effects of temperature, humidity and wind currents; all can significantly reduce or eliminate the ability of the virus to reach and/or infect another person. Finally, the work has not been peer-reviewed, something we require in the scientific world for anyone to make any serious claim about the results of anything. Anything less than that is just conjecture.

As SRCC’s resident doctor of epidemiology, I still strongly recommend that you ride solo or only with those with whom you cohabit. If for some reason you simply must ride with others, exercise extreme caution. Only ride with one or two people whom you’ve frequently ridden with before in order to reduce the risk of accidents. This will also make it easier to ride side-by-side or stagger. Choose quiet roads as they lower your chance of car/bike incidents. Stay out the hospitals as much as you can.

Keeping the number in your group low (one, two or three max) directly lowers the risk of transmission. It also helps avoid having to ride in someone’s slipstream. And riding in larger groups may not only be risky, it sends the wrong message to the rest of the community about cyclists.

So how far away is good enough to be safe and beyond the reception of someone’s virulent personal droplets? Scientifically, we simply don’t know. Obviously, the further apart the better, and certainly no closer than 2 metres. For a given distance, the above-referenced study indicates that side-by-side is less likely to lead to transmission than riding single file. No shit Sherlock.

Never forget why we’re doing this. We’re not doing this so we don’t get sick, we do this so we don’t get other people sick. And step one in that is: don’t get sick.

These days everyone needs to do their part. And when we’re seen, we need to be seen doing our part. Simply, group riding is verboten. Don’t be a douche, doctor’s orders.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


SRCC Century Rides this Sunday August 25th, 2019 8:00 AM 160 km & 9:00 AM 100 km

This is it!       This Sunday!    Route maps below. 

The inaugural SRCC Century rides – come out and be a part of SRCC history.

The weather is looking good and so are you and your bike! 

The SRCC staffed Rest Stop will be in Terra Cotta. 

There is an optional pay-as-you-go stop in Belfountain for the 160 km ride.

You can leave a bag of post-ride gear at Fixed Gear Brewing at the start.

Please click the link below and fill out the sign-up form so we know how many riders to expect. If you are  not sure of your distance and speed choices, no problem, do the best you can and make changes on the day of the ride if you like.         Click here to sign up for this event

And when you see them, don’t forget to thank the volunteers and the veteran club members who put time into developing the routes, Adam Woods, Andy Mill and John Lyall – thank you gentlemen!

Metric & Imperial Century Rides

Sunday August 25th, 2019

8 AM     160 km start

9 AM     100 km start

Start Location:  Fixed Gear Brewing 20 Alma St S, Guelph, ON N1H 5W5

Use this as another great Sunday outing or as a goal ride!

  • The rides start and end at Fixed Gear Brewing, with a free beer at the end for participants who desire one
  • Multiple speed groups for both distances
  • There are rest stops along the way
  • This will be the only club ride on this date
  • More volunteers are still needed to staff the rest station!  
  • Please contact Meg T with names and contact info of those you have conscripted.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at another great SRCC event!

Meg T

Membership Director


TIN – Tuesday Interval Night Ride, April 16th 6:00 PM – ALL Members Welcome!

RIDE CANCELLED Precip Radar and Temperatures suggest it will not be a fun evening of riding. Be patient, it’s still early. Unofficially, feel free to reenact the Steaming Nostril event if you wish.

Original Post: Ride begins at the Arkell United Church not the Library!

This is a fun evening of riding where ALL club members can participate and work on the elements they desire: fitness, speed, endurance or just another nice night for a ride. Weather cancellation will be announced here no later than 5:00PM.

Riders will be organized into appropriate groups of their choosing. Relaxed and Moderate groups will ride in a Social Paceline rotation and more Advanced groups will focus on High Intensity Interval Training. The circuit is comprised of quiet rural roads. There will be up to seven speed groups: everything from a dedicated “Learn to Group Ride” wave, all the way up to Hammerfest. 

Please employ good hand signals to your fellow riders pointing out any and all road hazards on the route. Also be steady, smooth and predictable through the corners especially those on the 25th Side Road.

Check out our TIN Ride webpage for all the details. From the serious racer to the recreational rider, this is a terrific addition to your week. This ride has something for everyone. You are in for a treat!


Club Work Night – Side Road 25 Corner Sweeping Wednesday April 3rd 6:30 PM

These corners are notorious for not being swept by the county and we end up tip-toeing through the sand all season. So lets all chip in before riding begins and make quick work of increasing our safety. Especially since this road is instrumental in our new ‘all member ride‘ Tuesday Interval Night (TIN). Grab (or borrow) a push broom and meet us at 6:30 PM at the corner of the 25th Side Road and Townline . This will go quickly with more hands on deck. What a great way to contribute to your club and sport (and kick off the season)! Looking forward to seeing you there!