Final Thursday Night ABC Ride, September 5, 6PM

It’s the last official weeknight ride of the year. We are going to be doing 58km for the A group and 50km for the B/C group. This is the same route that John Lyall took us on two weeks ago. We will be turning off on Harris (50 side Road) in Rockwood to avoid the road construction and a section of Hwy. 7 as well. We will turn left onto Salmon and then right onto Joliffe before we return to 7. There should be enough light to make it home, but lights are a good idea (especially if you have a bit of a ride home after we conclude at the Arkell Rd. Church). Let’s be good road users and make sure to stop at all red lights and stop signs, as well as going single file on Hwy. 24 near Guelph Lake. Stay classy SRCC!


Thursday, July 4th Group Ride

Just like Wednesday, its gonna be a hot one. Load up on water and electrolytes. We’re going south to visit Twiss Road. The A ride is getting a small extra loop and a total of 68km, while B and C will get away with a slightly shorter 65km route. Don’t forget your lights as we may be chasing daylight on the way home. Remember to choose your group accordingly. We follow these paces for each ride: A (Hammerfest) 35 to 40km plus, B (Expert) 32 to 35km, and C (Pace) 30 to 32km. Try not to blow your group up, or drop back to B or C if you are not feeling it. Looking forward to it!

B and C RIDE