Thursday, July 4th Group Ride

Just like Wednesday, its gonna be a hot one. Load up on water and electrolytes. We’re going south to visit Twiss Road. The A ride is getting a small extra loop and a total of 68km, while B and C will get away with a slightly shorter 65km route. Don’t forget your lights as we may be chasing daylight on the way home. Remember to choose your group accordingly. We follow these paces for each ride: A (Hammerfest) 35 to 40km plus, B (Expert) 32 to 35km, and C (Pace) 30 to 32km. Try not to blow your group up, or drop back to B or C if you are not feeling it. Looking forward to it!

B and C RIDE


June 20th Tuesday B Ride 6:30PM

RIDE CANCELLED (to be on the safe side as thunderstorms are predicted at 7:30). Any one interested in an un-official ride can meet at the library. The weather report isn’t looking great at the moment, but fingers crossed that things change by Tuesday. The call to cancel will be made by 5:00PM, so keep an eye on the website. We will take another shot at Gabhan’s ride from last week. Bring lights!