Wednesday Ride | May 18 6:30 PM

Yet another beautiful evening for a ride! Southeastern 42 km route from the Library back to Arkel – add another 8 to SRB. Sunset is 8:41 PM – bring lights just the same. Click here for info on SRCC Group Ride Guidelines and here for info on The Social Paceline. And for those new to group riding show up at 5:55 PM for the Group Ride Orientation Clinic. We’ll work on good communication up and down the line – no shortage of sand and other road hazards out there still. Don’t forget your 2016 membership card. See you soon!

Sunday May 1st Medium Ride CANCELLED

Ride Cancelled.
Rain, wet roads and cool, damp unpleasantness this morning. Looking more promising this afternoon for an unofficial ride.
This 70 km loop pleasantly meanders its way towards Hespler and through Puslinch. A brief snack and pee break will be accommodated at the Sunset Villa Restaurant in Crief – bring your own snack, I don’t think the restaurant will be open when we stop there.

April 13-Wednesday Ride: 6pm

Spring is finally springing and your bike has been patient – it’s time to get out there! Much warmer than yesterday, but still bundle worthy. We’ll do a nice, easy 37 km that’ll have us home in time for dinner and before the street lights come on. Don’t forget your 2016 membership card; good to have lights on the bike too. Please be sure to read over the Group Ride Guidelines and the explanation of The Social Paceline. Looking forward to seeing you.

Sept 2nd Wednesday Ride | 6:00pm Start

Electrolytes people, it’s a warm one. A nice 43.8 km route (a version of a variation). A slightly shorter ride to match the shorter day. We’ll head north up Watson, through Oustic back on 6th and 20th to 29 south. A small stretch of hard-pack on side road 10 makes sure we get home with the light. Speaking of lights…      Sunset:   7:58

Wednesday Ride Aug 12 | 6:30pm

We’ll be heading north and west up through Maryhill. The forecast is promising good weather and a tail wind for the ride back to town. A good length route for a 28 kph average with a couple of single file sections and the sun setting at 8:32 (ackk!). Tail lights please. You’ll be home, fed and showered in time to get out and see the Persied meteor showers later this evening.