Tuesday B Ride | 6:30 pm, May 22

Another day another club ride! We will be winding our way east to 4th line, focusing on working as an efficient group. If you feel the need to push a bit harder please save it for the 4th line hill where you can then wait at the 4th line and 25 Side Road intersection for everyone to regroup. From there we will make our way down to 15th and then back to Watson. At the Watsonberg some riders may again head off ahead and wait for the rest of the group at the church on Arkell.


CANCELLED – Thursday A/B Ride – May 3rd, 2017 – 6:30pm

Update: Ride is officially cancelled, its a coin flip on if the rain will have cleared by 630 so I’m going to play it safe and cancel the official ride. Some braver souls may still go to the library.

Unfortunately the weather is making a ride tonight look unlikely, a call will be made by 5:00pm.

However if the weather clears up here’s the route for the day. Lights are always a good idea and especially tonight on the B ride, with the later start we will be squeezing in as much as we can before dark.


Sunday A/B Ride | Sunday April 22nd, 11:00am

Fingers crossed we could actually have the first Sunday ride of the year!

I’ve planned a scenic route along the escarpment to kick it off. For anyone who’s still feeling a bit of the winter season in the legs there is a convenient option to turn back at 50km making it a still long but more manageable 80km ride. For everyone else we will continue on to Appleby Line for a short-cut of the southbound climb before heading down the escarpment and back up the less frequently visited 14th Side Road climb. If after Appleby your legs need a rest you could also wait at the top of 14th Side Road as we will be regrouping after the climbs.

We’ll be stopping for refreshments at The Flying Monkey Bike Shop before heading back to Guelph.