Sunday Combined Ride April 29, 11:00 AM

Well it’s a bit warmer so lets meander through the countryside around Erin and Hillsburg. Food stop will be in Hillsburg.
Does this route have hills? Yep a few big ones on sideroad 17, those that want can go all out on them but we will all regroup at the stop sign at the end of the road and the overall elevation isn’t crazy.
Does this route have gravel? Yep it has a bit of gravel, sometimes riding through a bit of gravel is safer than busy roads in my opinion.
Good luck to all Club Members riding Paris to Ancaster!


Sunday combined ride April 8th 11:00 am

Rice cancelled, too cold. This lovely route takes up north to Grand Valley which is one of my favorite… lets get real here folks. Sunday at 11:00 is gonna be minus two, feeling like minus 7. Unless the forecast changes drastically plan on riding indoors for a bit longer or just eat pizza and relax, there will be lots of time to ride once the weather warms up.


Sunday combined ride October 1st 11:00 am

And now for something completely different, heading out towards Erin then to beautiful Lac Belwood where we will stop for food and possibly drinks.
Please note start time is now 11:00 am so you can stay up late Saturday night watching Gossip Girl on Netflix like I’ll be and still make the ride!

Forecast looks clear but the temperatures are getting back to normal with the overnight low on Saturday hitting 3 degrees so dress appropriately, Oh and good luck to all the losers doing Levi’s* Grand Fondo down in sunny, warm California this weekend, not jealous at all.


Sunday April 30 combined rides| 9:00 AM start! Ride cancelled

Update Ride cancelled, Rain is coming through, even if it stops when the ride starts at 9:00 the roads will be wet and the temperature is only going to be 2 degrees with 50 km/h gusts, Stalwart people can still show up but it will not be an official club ride.

a Please note the start time is now at 9:00 am and this will be the last combined ride until October. Next weekend we will offer a separate short and long ride each with its own ride leader.
The weather forecast isn’t looking great for Sunday with rain and a high of 5 degrees so please check back by 8:00 am Sunday to see if the ride is still on.

Scheduled stop will be in Kilbride for drinks.
Good luck to all our riders doing the Paris to Ancaster ride, hope the forecast improves!