Thursday June18th A/B ride 6:30PM

Update at 5:25PM Ride is on. Radar looks decent – if we do get any precip, just be careful and err on the side of safety…

Update at 5:05PM Too early to tell. looks okay but some thunderstorms still might happen. I’ll make the call at 5:30

Slight change to the original route. Apparently new chip seal has made some of the previous parts of the route unsafe. The new ride goes on my favourite named road Nassawagaya – Esquesing Townline. Here’s something for all you aspiring historians – Nassagaweya is from the Mississauga first nation language and refers to the fact that area is “between the waters” of rivers that flow to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Esquesing is also from the Missisauga First nation and means “that what lies at the end” which is their rather cryptic name for Bronte Creek. So now you know…

Anyway, I’ll give the go/no-go at 5:00PM if the weather looks bad.


Thursday May 21st A/B ride

This one is slightly different in that it has an out-and-back section. There aren’t any good paved options at that part so I figure this is the best way to do some roads that we don’t often see. I’ve been told it’s not too weird to do it this way.

Anyway, be careful on the turnaround on 5th line near Lake Belwood (there is a stop sign there) and it’ll probably be best to ride single file on 124 by Guelph Lake. Besides those caveats, this has some nice quiet country roads so watch for wildlife – deer, foxes, feral chickens etc.