Wednesday August 9th Social Ride 6:30 PM

Weather looks fine at 5:30 PM. Ride is on. We’re going to try the route that Lorenz suggested for last Wednesdays (cancelled) ride. Same rules as usual.
Ride ends at Clair and Gordon, Bring lights and we’ll ride single file on 34. Final call on ride cancellation will be made by 5:30 PM.


Thursday June 15 A/B road ride 6:30 PM

UPDATE at 5:20 PM Ride Cancelled. Gonna go talk to my Bookie. I need to find a way to monetize the perfect correlation between me being ride leader and rain. Commodities? Hydroelectric utilities? Wagering? Anyway, if the ride goes ahead, here is the route – a classic ramble though Wellington County. On 124 and the small section of 7 through Rockwood we’ll go single file. There is also a small gravel section on 22 north of Everton but we’re all good with that – right? The rest of the roads are in fair shape but everybody be their usual careful selves. Final go/no-go call will be made at 5PM Thursday.


Wednesday Social Ride, May 24, 6:30 PM

Update at 5:30 Official Ride Cancelled – Sorry about that but looks like rain. I think some die-hards might show up for an unoffical ride though….

Simple ride towards the north and then down to the intersection of Stone and Watson (where the official ride ends) It’s going to be Queen Victoria’s Birthday so keep that in mind as you roll through the colonies. As usual, bring your membership card, lights if you have them and any Victorian items of clothing if that’s your thing. Rain call will be made at 5:30 if required. See you there!


Thursday May 4th A and B ride 6:30 PM

Ride is officially cancelled (sad tuba sound). On the bright side, everybody can now catch up on their favorite podcasts while on the trainer…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a weather forecast that is less inviting for a club ride… Anyway, I’ll make the final call at 5 PM. On the route it’s probably a good idea to ride single file on 124 at Guelph Lake. If the ride happens bring your lights and note the new start time 6:30 PM.