Sunday October 11th Road Ride – 11 AM at the Library

So this will be a fairly simple road ride to the North around Belwood. Weather forecast is looking decent and the winds are not supposed to be too bad (there’s a reason why all those wind turbines are up around those parts…) Anyway, we’ll have the chance to stop in Fergus, Grand Valley, or Belwood if people want.

Sign up sheet is here, you know the drill


Sunday September 20, 2020 Road Ride – 9:00 AM.

A Sunday ride South and East of Guelph. Weather forecast looks good right now but it might be chilly. As usual meet at the East end libray at Watson and Starwood and we’ll keep the pace comfortable for everyone and figure out rest stops as required.

To join the ride, you need to fill in the appropriate sign-up form by clicking on the following link:

And the ride with GPS course is… kindly provided by Meg! Thanks Meg.


Sunday August 2nd 8am medium road ride 95 km

Aw Boo. Cancelling this ride too due to the rain. Alright – here it is finally. A simple meander going north and south of the city. Nothing too innovative but these are mostly nice quiet roads. If anybody needs a food stop we can visit the gas station at 15th and Guelph line (i’d avoid the sushi though…)

Anybody planning on doing this ride needs to fill out the forms here . We’re meeting at the east end library at 8 AM. We’re going to aim for a pace of around 30 to 32 km/hr and make sure that it stays civilized throughout the ride.

Lastly, any weather related cancellation will be posted here the morning of the ride


Sunday July 26 Medium Road ride 8 A.M. from east end Guelph Public Library

Holy smokes – I’m first to post a ride for 2020! Well, here goes – hopefully everything works with the links and forms and documents and ppe and all the other stuff we need to do. Anyway, here it is. Road ride going north of Belwood lake. It’ll be about 85 kilometers long and there are a few short sections of very smooth gravel so leave your time trial bike at home.

To join this ride, you need to fill in the sign-up form and the link is HERE

You need to follow all the instructions in that link to join the ride and we are capped at 12 riders total – the form will disappear once we have a full roster.

So here’s the route. There may be some very small modifications as conditions dictate


Sunday October 6th, 11:00 am B/C Ride

Sorry folks, I have to cancel this ride since I can’t make it and there’s nobody available to cover for me. Also, the weather forcast is middling at best. However, if you want to meet up and do an informal DIY ride, feel free. Note that with the cool weather ride start times are now 11 AM/