Sunday Aug 11th A/B ride – 8AM start

A pretty standard loop around southern Wellington County. The only novel part is we’ll be riding the new pavement on Eramosa-Garafraxa Townline. There will be a rest stop at Flying Monkey and then we’ll meander home in time for choring ‘n haying. The route is pretty flexible so if the C group comes with us, they can cut back to Guelph before the hill on 6th.


Sunday June 30th C ride 8:00 AM

This is a pretty simple route going around Belwood Lake. The only catch is we are going to take the trail from 4th line to 2nd line. This means a bit of hard packed gravel so plan accordingly. If people want, we can stop at the store in Belwood for a quick snack and break.


Paris – Ancaster race plate pickup announcement.

We are now only able to pick up our race packages on Saturday because… well, I don’t actually get it but here we are…. Anyway, I will be going down to Ancaster on Saturday morning to pick up some race plates and would be happy to add anybody to the list. In order to do so, I need an email from each racer stating your name, wave info, and that you authorize me (include my name in your email) to pick up the plates for you. Also, include your cell phone number or similar contact in case things go pear-shaped. You can send your emails to g.b.drewitt(at) I will reply to each request so that you know you are on the list.

Gord Drewitt


Monday July 16th mountain bike ride

Update: Ride cancelled. Looks rainy and will be slipery -no use getting our drivetrains all mucked up considering all the nice riding weather we’ve had and the good forcast. We will meet at the parking area off of Victoria Road just South of the Eramosa river at 6:30 PM. The route will be an easy-paced tour of some of the trails by Arkel. Probably a couple of hours but bring lights if you have them. Since the Weather forecast is iffy, I’ll make the final call around 5:00PM on Monday