Sunday June 3rd long ride | 9am

Let’s try something new, sometimes we all need a little change of scenery. Yes there’s some gravel. No you won’t die. The forecast looks pretty mild, and the rain shouldn’t show up until ~2pm. Fuel stop in Wellesley, this might be one worth loading into the bike computer.


A note on ride descriptions

The season is in full swing now, and we’d like to remind club members to please adhere to the description and the “spirit” of each ride. Wednesdays are meant to be social, steady rides, without surges or attacks. If you feel the need to go faster, please visit another night’s option; same goes for Tuesday B and Thursday B rides. We aim to keep the club enjoyable to all of the participating members, and would kindly ask that experienced riders focus on helping others, and working to keep the group riding as one. And a big thanks to those many members that already do this!


Thursday May 10th A and B rides | 6:30pm

RIDE IS ON. It’s a bit dark out there, but there’s not much on the radar. Temps will be dropping quickly though.

Fairly simple route for tonight, down Watson to Conservation road, and then back up 1st and across Hume. Feel free to try the A group if you’re feeling fit, the B group will be right behind you. Bring lights!