Sunday Oct 10th road rides | 11am start

The long term forecast looks decent, 21 degrees and overcast. Perfect 🙂

We’ll head to Dundas to check out the resurgence of Cafe Domestique 2.0, now located at King and Foundy St:

This cafe has always been a great supporter of local cycling, so let’s give back!

This ride is open to SRCC members only. If you have not signed up to be a club member, you can do so HERE.

Advance sign-up for these rides is required. Click HERE to reserve your spot.

Meet at the east end library at 11:00AM. A clockwise route, and we’ll need to avoid a bridge being out just west of town.

RIDE CANCELLED. Sept 7th, 6:00pm

RIDE CANCELLED. The rain might hit us as early as 7:15, and it’s going to be quite the downpour. That will be super dangerous if we’re out on the road, even coming back into town. An unofficial ride will depart at 6pm though, if you’re feeling lucky.

Tuesday is the night of the week that all members can find a speed group they enjoy riding with, or maybe since the year is almost done and your legs feel good you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something a little quicker. Either way, the route is the same so you can see how you have progressed in fitness week-over-week, or worst case scenario not be lost. Please note: some groups may be combined based on sign-up numbers and available ride leaders.

This ride requires sign-up in advance. Please do so here: TAM Ride Signup

Start location: The Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Rd

Start Time: Please be ready to pedal at 6:00 PM

As with all of our rides, this ride is open to SRCC members only. If you have not signed up to be a club member, you can do so HERE.

Please arrive a few minutes early and ensure you are in the group area that you signed up for – see the map below.

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The next three groups D-Social Paceline Advanced (28-30kph), E-Social Paceline (26-28kph), and F-‘No Drop’ Social Paceline (24-26kph) will be following a slightly shortened course:

Sunday Gravel Ride | August 15, 2021

And now for something completely different. Well, not really, just leaning toward more singletrack 🙂

We’re doing a loop of Smith tract as a warm up, so bring your skills! Otherwise it’s some new roads and trails out near Acton, and a loop back through Hilton Falls. Should be perfect weather!

Bakery stop in Acton at Sweet Molly’s. Scratch that, they won’t be open. We’ll head to Andrews Farm Market & Winery instead at kilometre ~56.

There are two groups: recreational and intermediate. Both use the same route at different paces. Check the schedule for complete details.

Recreational Gravel: 21-24 km/h average
Intermediate Gravel: 24-26 km/h average

Check back for weather cancellation posted no later than 7:00 AM.

Advance sign-up required. Click here: Sunday Gravel Rides. You will have to create an account on

Start time: please be ready to pedal at 8:00 AM

Start location: The Guelph Youth Music Centre – GYMC

Sunday, July 25th Road Ride: 8am Start

Stealing James’ route from a couple of weeks ago, that got rained out:

Sunday is looking like the perfect day to get on your road bike! If you’re new to riding east of town, this ~110k route is for you. We’ll start through Limehouse, descend Olde Base Line next to the Cheltenham Badlands, go up the legendary Forks of the Credit climb, and poke our heads into Erin from a donut (or fritter) from the legendary Holtom’s bakery. My favourite!

The ride starts at 8am from the Library’s East Branch at Watson and Starwood. Bring enough food of your own to make it ~75km at a pace averaging around 30km/h until we get our bakery stop.

Sign up for Sunday’s road ride here:

This ride is open to SRCC members only. If you have not signed up to be a club member, you can do so HERE.

Load the route to your GPS via the link below: