Wednesday Social Ride 6:30pm

Looks like the weather is going to be much better for Wednesday’s Social Ride. Please keep in mind that this is a recreational ride with an expected pace of 28 km/h average. It is a no drop ride but, according to our Ride Description page you must be able to ride up to 2 hours, non-stop, at an average pace of 25 km/h or greater.

I have put together a nice route heading south-east to 4th Line Nassagaweya and down to 15th Sideroad. From there we will head back west, across 15 to 1st Line in Moffat, where we will head north to 25th Sideroad and back home the “usual” way.

Please bring lights, just in case.


Wednesday Social Ride – 6pm (CANCELLED)

CANCELLED…with the snow and ice on the roads, and on the sides, it is probably best to err on the side of caution. I will be Zwifting at 5:30, doing the USMES club ride 2.0 if anyone wants to meet me there. Hopefully, we will have better weather soon.

Since this is my first ride lead, I am going to take the optimistic approach about Wednesday’s ride. The weather is sunny at 8 degrees. I am ignoring that the roads are full of snow and ice…will post this now and cancel if need be tomorrow…

Looking forward to an easy cruise on this spring evening. Please make sure you have joined the club, memberships will be checked online. We should be back before it is dark but just in case, please come prepared with lights. The plan is to stay together at a chilled pace.

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