Wednesday A/B & C Social Ride

After the TT on Tuesday, we will probably be looking for a little bit of a social pace. Hopefully, the weather holds off as it looks like it will and we get a good ride in. It looks like the wind is even going to die down a bit.

We will roll out from the East Branch Public Library at 6:30 pm. There are two routes to choose from below: the A/B rides will take a longer route (Map #1), the C ride will be slightly shorter (Map #2).

Map #1

Map #2

If this is your first ride with SRCC, don’t worry, we do not bite. Please check our New Members area. It is also helpful for riders to ensure they are familiar with and practice the guidelines posted in Group Ride Guidelines and the Safety and Skills pages. Charge your lights, pump up your tires, upload the route to your Garmin Edge or Wahoo Elemnt and we will see you there!


Sunday 8am – AB 130k

Let’s look at the positive to all this rain, surely the roads will be clear for tomorrow’s ride. A long route has been planned that will take us down toward St George, above Dundas, up through Waterdown and up Cedar Springs home. We will stop in Waterdown and the Copper Kettle for a coffee and a snack.

If anyone wants to shorten this route there is the option to turn off on Safari Road to head home and if anyone is brave enough to make it longer, you can do a hill repeat on Sydenham Road and go down to Dundas. Or head toward Milton and go climb Rattlesnake.

A big thank you to Wilfred for this beautiful route. We rode it last year and loved it. Very scenic. I keep going back to it.


Sunday A/B 95 km Mother’s Day Loop – 8 AM

In all honesty, it looks like Saturday is the better cycling day this weekend. Although TWN keeps changing every time I check it, it is going to be cold, damp and windy all day Sunday…it is Mother’s Day anyhow so let’s keep the ride a little shorter.

This route is for both the A Group, who will be averaging 33 km/h or more and will have the safety net of the B Group behind them averaging 29 to 31 km/h.

There is no official coffee stop for this loop as it will be quite chilly and stopping only makes it worse as you warm up and then feel more chilled once you start riding again; however, if people really want, there is the option to take a detour to either the Brown Dog in Waterdown at 57 km or the Flying Monkey in Campbellville at 77 km.


Sunday 90 km Mixed Ride to Andrew’s Scenic Acres – 9 am START

Something different for our first Sunday Mixed ride. A little toodle to Andrew’s Scenic Acres for butter tarts or other baked good of your choice. The wind should be at our back coming home. Come prepared for some good chat and some giggles…emphasis will be on social and fun. Expected pace, for this mixed ride, between 29 to 31 km/h. This ride is officially 90 km from start at library to finish at Arkell.

See you at the library.


6pm Wednesday Social Ride PLUS Non-Members Try a Ride

A nice, easy paced mid-week ride is on the table for Wednesday afternoon. Let’s hope for good weather and smooth roads for our ride. In saying that, there is some chip seal on Side Road 25 just before Guelph line but at this point, it should be pretty good and nothing to be concerned about.

Pace will be around 28 or 29 km/hour in a nice social paceline where we can spin our legs and take it easy.

Gabhan will also be with us hosting a Try-a-ride for non-members, or people who are interested in checking out the club. So, if you know someone who is contemplating joining SRCC, this is the ride for them!

This is a shorter distance, but please remember your lights and wear brighter colours.


Yoga for cyclists

I have been doing a lot of yoga for the past couple of years, practising at home almost every morning. In chatting with a friend of mine, I learned that he has created a series of yoga for cyclist videos with Canadian Cycling Magazine. I say “yoga friend” because I know him originally from going to his studio 14 years ago…he has become a cycling friend too. He is both a wonderful instructor and a crazy strong cyclist.
Anyhow, thought I would share this with the club as it is actually one of the better videos I have used, especially since he focuses on our cycling needs: hips, back, quads, hamstrings, and shoulders.