Wednesday Social Ride A/B & C – 6:00 pm start

To make up for today, it looks like tomorrow will be a perfect night for cycling. A reminder that we will be starting at the East-end Library at 6 pm.

Two routes, something a little different combining north and south routes to make something relatively “flat”.

Remember to keep riding safely.

A/B Route – 45 km

C Route – 40 km


RIDE ON…Sunday 8am A/B & C Rides

Looking at the radar map, it looks like we are in the clear for a ride. Roads should hopefully dry up and it will be a beautiful day. See you at the library!

This is the final ride before next week’s big event. Bs & Cs will stay together and do a nice 80km loop down to Kirkwall before coming up through Hespeler and then make our way back up to the Arkell church where we will say goodbye and carry on for an additional 50km. Maybe before we carry on, we can try a coffee and snack at the Union Market Square (they have good ice cream, let’s see if the coffee is any good).

Our focus will be a safe social ride. Hope to see you there!

A/B Ride

C Ride


8am Sunday Short Route (or C)

*** Please note – slight change to finish of route (as of 7:14 am) We will try going out with Gord’s B group tomorrow. Keeping in mind the C pace of 26 km/h to 28 km/h. When the B group turns left on 50, we will turn right and head west through Rockwood. If we desire, we can stop for coffee there at Goodfellows before we head south to connect with Sdrd 25 and head back to Guelph.

The focus of this ride is social Sunday ride, remembering to follow the rules of the road and respect other road users…including ourselves.


Thursday Rides @ 6:30 p.m. at the East-End Library – Hammerfest A or Flat”ish” B

This ride will take us down to the south-west end where the roads are relatively quiet and flat (compared to the escarpment where we tend to find ourselves).

You will want to bring lights as the sun is setting earlier now. Those riding A…you will definitely need to be lit up (although there are some ways you can shorten your route if you think the light will be an issue – ie Gore or Clyde are both nice options).

A Ride (aka The Hammerfest)

B/C Ride


Wednesday Social Ride A, B & C – July 17th, 6:30PM

There is a possibility of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and early evening tomorrow so a call will be made by 5:30 at the latest if the ride is a No Go. As always, please do not block the entrance doors to the library. Two routes: an A & B and a slightly shortened course for the C group (two maps below) being led by Kelly.

Let’s all remember to maintain a good cohesive social paceline on the rides with a lot of communication up and down the paceline. If people take off from the front, we do not chase them, this is a social ride where we will be working on group riding skills.

Three pace levels for Wednesday, check the new schedule for details.

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average 
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average

A/B Ride

C Ride