Tues. A Hammerfest: July 28, 6:30pm

Heads up for Mur de Twiss, expect the dip then steep wall out of there at km 33. We’ll take it cool and safe, and mind the yellow line on the way up.

As Andy mentioned below, this is my last week of club rides and therefor my last Tuesday. Apparently even good things must come to an end sometime. Lets let ‘er rip.


Tues. A Hammerfest: July 21 6:30pm

I just realized there is one section of dirt road – in lieu of changing the whole route at this point, I just highlighted it on the map, at the top. Its about 1.2km long, and not that rough, so we should be ok.

For those who did this route the first time a few weeks ago, note two small tweaks:
1. South east portion doesn’t go onto 15 anymore, too narrow and blind hills for this kind of ride, not ideal
2. Doesn’t go through Rockwood, we go through Everton to bypass some construction which has Main St. closed. 7th line towards Everton has a few potholes and bad pavement, so eyes up through that section.