Tuesday B April 17 – 6:00PM

Outdoor ride cancelled. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that an official ride on Tuesday will not occur.  If the weather really swings around for the better I will post a real route.  For now I will suggest some indoor suffering on the trainer; hammer away on Zwift or even one of my favourite GCN workouts.



Thursday A/B – August 31st – 6:00pm + CLUB SOCIAL AT THE WOOLY

2 Bergs and a Col.  Pay attention to this loopy route.  For the B ride everyone will regroup after the first descent of the Berg on Watson, and after the descent of the Col by Leslie.  After the second time up and over the Berg, it is everyone for themselves to the finish.  The A ride can hammer away with a little more aggression.  Everyone should bring lights as the sun is setting a little earlier.

Since it’s the last Thursday of the month, we’re heading to the Wooly after the ride. The patio may or may not be open, but it will be down to about 11 degrees by then.


Thursday A/B June 1st – 6:30pm

Here is a route to help strengthen those climbing legs.  It could make for a feisty A group ride, the B ride will keep things more steady and always regroup at the stop sign after the Col de Watson.

It’s that time of year again – the monthly Thursday socials are back!

With the longer days and warmer temperatures it’s great to get to know your fellow SRCC members. Following the last Thursday ride for the summer months, let’s meet at The Wooly for food/drink.

Note: Some Thursday B riders may ride directly to The Wooly from the end point of the scheduled ride in full SRCC lycra and bike in tow. For all other SRCC members, please feel free to arrive at 9:15pm.


Tuesday B Ride – May 9, 6:30

We will add an intense loop, similar to the plan a couple Thursdays ago that was rained out.  This should help B riders who are looking to move up to an A ride in the future.  The A group can go ahead at their blistering pace.  The B group will stick closer to the 32km/h to 35km/h speed with 3 exceptions.  When looking at the route, you will notice we do a loop in the Side Road 25 area (Bayden’s old training loop).  At that little zig zag section, those who want to increase the intensity and hammer for one lap (approximately 9km) can do so.  People can also choose to stay more comfortable. Once finished the loop and back at the zig zag section, everyone will regroup and carry on together.  The second section of hard riding will start where we turn north onto Milburough and end where the road veers away from the 401.  Finally, the last hammer section will be from Watsonberg to Arkell.  There it is, the civilized hammer.