Thursday A/B/C June 13 – 6:30pm

RIDE IS ON. Radar and hourly forecast look good before 9:00 pm. However, the roads will be wet. The A ride will do an extra loop at the very end. B and C groups will do the shorter version and focus on staying together with a steady speed. The C group speed will be 30 to 32 km/h, B group speed will be 32 to 35 km/h and the A group will do whatever they want. Enjoy! The ride officially ends at Watson and Arkell.


October 14th 11:00am combined A/B ride

Fall colours you want, Fall colours you get. When searching the Speed River ride database, one was titled “Fall Colours Tour” Done. We ride because it is not on the trainer, and because 6th Line is on the agenda. As well, there is a break at the Flying Monkey. The ride is officially over at Arkell and Watson, I can’t add that point of interest anymore as I do not have a premium Ride with GPS account.


Tuesday A “Hammerfest” August 28th – 6:00pm

OFFICIAL RIDE CANCELLED. Between the humidex advisory, and the high probability of thunderstorms a bit later on, the official ride is cancelled. People may still show up at the library though. Note the early start time! the Guelph Lake Loops keep getting rained out, lets try a different route. The ride will be broken up into 3 separate segments with full regrouping after each. The first two finish on Watson at Hume. We will pull off to the side of Hume and regroup there (please wait off on the shoulder of the road). The last loop heads out to Eden Mills and 2nd Line. The finish is the usual sign on Arkell. If there are enough people out we can set up some team pursuits. The ride is officially finished at Arkell and Watson.FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

Tuesday A “Hammerfest” Aug. 21 – 6:00pm

RIDE IS CANCELLED. If the B-Ride is scared of rain and lightning, then so is the A-Ride (good choice Chris). Ride some zwift or hammer away Wednesday as the weather looks great. For starters, note the 6:00 time start. Yup, it is that time of year again. This is the 3rd time I have attempted the Guelph Lake Loops ride, and the weather forecast may ruin it again. The official call will be made by 4:31, if it is cancelled. If it is not cancelled, we will repeat the 8km loop 3-5 times with a rest between each. If enough riders show up, we can set up chase groups and some team dynamics to make the suffering more interesting.


Thursday A/B Ride, May 31 – 6:30pm

For starters, before I forget, this is the SRCC social at the Wooly (this goes rain or shine ~9pm) . Secondly, the weather may just be good for us by evening so get ready for a burner of a ride. The official call will be made by 5:00pm.

We are going to try something usually done by Hammerfesters (sick people who seem to thrive on suffering), but it is a great way to improve everyone’s fitness, interval loops out by Guelph Lake. We bike out to Watson and Mill Road, there we stop and get organized. We will break up into smaller groups (4 to 10 people per group) then hammer around the 8km loop. Once we get back to Mill Road we stop, regroup, and rest. Then we break up into similar groups and repeat 3 to 5 times. We will always regroup so people get enough rest. The idea is to get a high intensity workout, the rest allows you to get a higher intensity than you would on a steady ride. A couple considerations: still ride as an efficient safe group (not 3 abreast). When we are waiting, we need to be on the shoulder of the Watson Road, not on the road. Lastly, it is close to Guelph so people can show up late if the weather gets better, or leave early if the weather gets worse. Last last, head to the Wooly.FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail