Sunday Long Ride, June, 9, 8:00 a.m

I hear nice things about the riding out towards the Forks Of The Credit! Lets head out, explore, perhaps a bakery & coffee stop in Erin before heading back along 17th sideroad. Weather looking almost perfect so lets get out and enjoy our long awaited arrival of summer riding!


Sunday B Ride | May 5 8:00am


Lets ride south and after a coffee stop in Dundas or Waterdown (democracy shall determine our selection of patronage) we then slug it up Sydenham and wind our way back. Sunday looking like a fine day for riding but still a tad on the cool side to start.


Sunday October 21 Combined A/B Ride 11:00am

RIDE CANCELLED -3 temperatures, nasty winds and some precip later in the afternoon means the official ride is cancelled. If any hard core want to ride an unofficial ride, please dress warm and ride safe! As much as a trip out to the Forks would provide some awesome scenery, the crowded roads and wintery weather make that unreasonable. So lets stick closer to home on some familiar roads and some great scenery to boot! We’ll stop at the Flying Monkey at the half way point. To shorten the route, simply continue on 25 heading back towards Arkel. If the feels-like temps are below zero and winds look excessive the ride will be cancelled, call made by 10am.